Ecological Logistics Pty Ltd

Below are our core services, however, in addition we can organise just about anything to assist you and ensure your projects’ success. •Renewable energy carcass searcher supply and management •Bird Observer supply and management •Running of carcass detection and searcher efficiency trials for renewable energy projects •Logistical assistance with installation and management of bat detectors •Working at heights logistical services (installation and service of scientific equipment at height) •Carcass detection dog surveys on renewable energy facilities •Supply of fieldwork assistants •Rough terrain field work (supply of a skilled and experienced 4×4 driver and equipped vehicle) •Supply of a security specialist to provide an escort on high risk field work sites •Supply of watercraft and certified skippers for aquatic surveys •Enterprise development mentorship and training in the conservation/environmental sector Let us take the hassle out of your project, contact us today for a quote and to discuss your requirements. Ecological Logistics is a Level 4 BEE Contributor and has a 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition.
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