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    Wanted Impact vest / chest protector

    Howzit Dogs I’m looking for a long sleeve zip up style chest protector thingy with elbow guards built in. Needs to be a XL. Please let me know if u have something you are willing to part with.
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    For Sale Lookwell Rain Pants

    I have these lookwell rain pants up for grabs , they seem really good quality and are unfortunately too big for me. 3xl but would be perfect as overpants for a 2xl person. Am open to reasonable offers, can Postnet or collect in JHB near Kaya sands.
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    Clutch cable clasp on housing

    Thanks yes was thinking to try make something like this up
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    Clutch cable clasp on housing

    Hi all my mates clutch cable snapped on his Dakar on Friday he then had one made up at a cable place so that he could get bike home. On reinstalling this happened … The road side solution was to call me … I drilled a hole and put some wire and he rode home … but now. Besides replacing the...
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    Price advice on buying a DR350

    just read this thread, keen to see some photos too, and hear how your rebuild is going?
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    Show us your XR

    Legend 🙏🏼 Thanks for the details on the LEDs
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    Show us your XR

    Great looking bike ! Please share more info on ur headlights setup I have been wanting to something simmilar on my DR
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    JHB North - Marico Oog Overnighter

    Gpx files for those interested.
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    JHB North - Marico Oog Overnighter

    This is my first ride report ever. Ill keep the words to a min, and give you all lots of photos. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the ride. The Marico oog was an amazing spot to swim in after a log dusty ride. And we had the camp site to our selves which made for a quite but very...
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    Riding with a DSLR

    My DR loves the dirt just like ur XR and I too really want to travel more with my DSLR. I have been hesitant about a backpack as I do every now and then stop drop and roll 😂 I’m thinking pelican case on back rack is best solution. But it’s not cheap 😳 please let me know what lands up working for...
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    Alternative to Garmin?

    anyone ever managed to get t4a overlaid onto a satellite map on a phone ? to me this would be the perfect solution to navigating on a bike...
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    Overnighter Centurion Thabazimbi and back

    i am also interested in a trip like this, did you ever get a route ? or do the trip yourself ?
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    Helmet choices.

    what did you land up deciding on.... am about to purchase a Oneal Sierra but hard to know how bad the wind noise is until i have already bought it.....
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    I'd soon be in jail if I found this out...

    without a smart phone with a camera this could possibly all have been avoided... My kids are still young but i have every intention of avoiding them having a smartphone until they are 18.
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    Birds of South Africa

    Glad i found this thread... Bikers and Birders. My kindof people. Here is a shot of a a violet backed starling i took few months back. My proudest bird pic to date. Anyone travel with big lens and camera on their bike ? if so how to you keep camera safe from falls and vibrations ?