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    MotoGP 2022.

    Why are there on 2 practice sessions?
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    Capetown brace yourself : The BIG RAIN/HEAT is coming !!!

    I wonder if a RO plant can run on solar?
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    Workmens Comp?

    As jy geregistreerd is vir WC is dit mos nie n probleem nie. Vul die vorms in en registreer die ongeluk op CompEasy dan betaal WC die dokters etc.
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    Will this change the SA mindset on Toyota ?

    So word hulle deur korupte amptenare "legal" gemaak?
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    Ducati Lamborghini hook up

    En n skuitjie ook...
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    Will this change the SA mindset on Toyota ?

    I thought stolen cars are broken up or going over the border, do many people actually drive around in stolen cars?
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    The air fryer thread..

    12 minute lamb chop, yum!!
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    Leatt Boots Giveaway!

    White please
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    The air fryer thread..

    Do you dip the wings in the mayo and then the chips? Take a picture please
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    The Crypto Currency thread

    Bitcoin down 3% and ETH 5.6% in the last 24 hours...
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    MTB Tech/Spec discussion

    Distance speed calories and odo
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    MTB Tech/Spec discussion

    So I got a Trek and really like the bike!!! I'm looking for a descent light for riding jeep tracks in the dark, what to get? There are lots on Takelot but I don't know the brands and don't really trust the specs given. I would also appreciate advice on what computer to get, nothing fancy (IE...
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    The Crypto Currency thread

    It has more than halved in the last 6 months
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    MotoGP 2022.

    Looks like the front ride height device will be banned next year. The aero is a problem as it creates dirty air, wish they could ban that as well. Racing just a few years ago was more exciting...
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    Grizz's Random Ramblings and builds from U.K. 🇬🇧 BOU NOU WIKKEL WIKKEL 🚀 2021 🇺🇸

    Mooi man!!! First time I see the bull bar, also hand made I suspect?