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  1. Rossdog

    For Sale KTM 65sx (2001)

    Oops, I forgot all about you. Will take take some pics of the PW.
  2. Rossdog

    Sold 1983 XT 600 Tenere

    And he works on an oil rig.
  3. Rossdog

    For Sale KTM 65sx (2001)

    OK guys, let me talk to my son, and ask if he feels he's ready to step up. My other son rides the stickers off a KX65, but the younger one rides like a Christian.
  4. Rossdog

    For Sale KTM 65sx (2001)

    I have a PW 80. Maybe trade?
  5. Rossdog

    For Sale YAMAHA TTR 250

    Good, reliable bikes these. Also known a Blue XR.
  6. Rossdog

    Durbanville Cape Town: Any dogs able to view a vehicle for me?

    That is very kind of you Geopat. Let me see what the seller's schedule looks like, then we can take it from there.
  7. Rossdog

    Durbanville Cape Town: Any dogs able to view a vehicle for me?

    Is there anyone in Durbanville who would be prepared to view a Suzuki SJ410 for me? I can pay in beer/whiskey.
  8. Rossdog

    Show us what you made

    It's for sale BTW. :)
  9. Rossdog

    Show us what you made

    I finished this biggie this weekend. About 180 layer 1095/15n20 Damascus blade (or pattern welded if you prefer that terminology). The guard and pommel are made out of wrought iron from an old wagon rim. The handle is eland horn.
  10. Rossdog

    Wanted KDX 200

    There are two being sold as a package deal with a trailer on FB Marketplace. Maybe you can make a deal?
  11. Rossdog

    Wanted Wanted road worthy 400 offroad

    I have a XR400R. Small fortune spent on getting it right. Interested?
  12. Rossdog

    Folding knives & fixed blades - a thread for the enthusiasts

    That's an unusual design Jurie. I like it though!
  13. Rossdog

    Suzuki SJ410/Samurai: How Good?

    I'm toying with the idea of getting one of these. I've never driven one, and know nothing about them though. The first step I suppose would be to determine whether I could even fit in one... Have any of you owned one, and what were your experiences? Good ones are scarce, and not cheap. My plan...
  14. Rossdog

    Working on a cattle ranch in Rhodesia before conscription into the SADF

    I enjoyed the read. Please write a book! I had a similar experience, but here in good old RSA. Characters like Captain T are dying out now. Very sad. My version of Captain T was an ex Rhodesian SAS sergeant. The amount of kak he got me into, and the amount of times I had to rescue him from all...
  15. Rossdog

    Seen Bargain for 2sD - RD 350

    I could have bought one in 2001 for R14 000. It was standing next to a KLR650, also for R14 000. I bought the KLR. My fok, that was stupid of me.