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  1. NearlyThere

    How to dispose of a vehicle in an estate

    Hey dogs, So a sibling passed away at the beginning of 2020. Survived by myself, one parent and another sibling. My other sibling was appointed executor / master's representative. Very small estate, but with a vehicle. The estate has been wound up, all that is left is the vehicle. It's a...
  2. NearlyThere

    FREE: Spare tubes (unused) for 2007 BMW F650GS

    Never used. One for front, one for rear. Normal type - not heavy duty. I don't know what size they are, they were bought to fit 2007 BMW F650GS Bike got knicked so surplus to requirements Take both... Collect in Muizenberg or courier at your expense
  3. NearlyThere

    Diadora MX Series Ankle Boots (EU 48)

    I bought these hoping they would fit but they're just too big. EU 48 which means a UK 13 or US 14. Besides the items mentioned below, the pair is in great condition, the soles look like new. Items to be addressed: 1) It's missing a ratchet strap. 2) The loop is broken on the back of one. 3)...
  4. NearlyThere

    Service book, owner's manual offered

    Hi dogs, I've place an ad on motorcycle related thread for my bike's service book and owner's manual, and sleeve.
  5. NearlyThere

    F650GS & Dakar owner's manual, service books

    Since my 2006 GS was stolen I no longer require these. Perhaps you are a detail-obsessed owner who bought a similar bike without docs and would like to complete your package. Bike was stolen at 21 000 km so that's why the service book is so virginial. Not looking for cash, payment in biltong...
  6. NearlyThere

    2014 YAMAHA SR250 - valuation request

    Sorry guys, it's the Yammie as per image I found on the net. Can anyone help with a valuation of a 2014 YAMAHA SR250. While complete, it's in very poor condition, standing outside for a long time. The licence is up to date. I'm looking for approximate value if running and approximate...
  7. NearlyThere

    BMW F650GS pannier rack - collected

    Bought this item to fit panniers to my 07 F650GS. NOTE, this is the BMW rack to fit the BMW Vario-type panniers. Though, once fitted it does offer you additional tie-down points for other gear - but it doesn't protrude beyond the body panels, it's tucked almost inside the wheel cavity.. It's...
  8. NearlyThere

    SOLD: BMW GS Pro boots (45) R2800

    Bought these from a fellow dog a year or two back. Wore them three times on road rides to get used to them and sort bike set-up, and then the bike got stolen. They're in great condition, everything works as it should, no broken bits. Collection in Observatory, CAPE TOWN. Or courier at your...
  9. NearlyThere

    SOLD: Various OE spares for 00-07 F650GS

    I've got some OE bits from my 2007 F650GS. Had these items in storage after fitting various non-OE parts. Bike has since been stolen. Screen - in great condition, includes OE mounting screws Rider foot pegs - steel not bent or damaged. Various OE frame bolts. I fitted a motech crashbars...
  10. NearlyThere

    Looking for info: Chrysler products

    Any dogs got any experiences to share on Chrysler products? Price and availability of parts. Backup etc.? I'm considering buying a PT Cruiser diesel (high miles but great condition with FSH), but have never owned this brand before. AFAIK it's a MBenz diesel engine. Any input much appreciated.
  11. NearlyThere

    SOLD: RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Low-Profile Tough-Claw

    RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Low-Profile RAM Tough-Claw Fits my iPhone 6 R900 No longer required because my bike was stolen
  12. NearlyThere

    SOLD: F650GS Tank Bag (00-07)

    Tank Bag to fit F650GS (00-07). In good working order. Though the expansion zip does stick at one point and requires a little cursing to persuade on its way. R650 Selling because my bike was stolen.
  13. NearlyThere

    FS: BMW F650GS OE pannier rack

    FS: BMW F650GS OE pannier rack This is the OE rack for the BMW vario panniers, optioned with the 2000- 2007 model bike. Think it fits Dakar too. While this will be of limited use for non-OE BMW vario panniers, it add another brace point for the tail piece of the bike, and provides another...
  14. NearlyThere

    SOLD: Motorcycle floor stands (3)

    Ideal for commercial workshop or home use. Can be bolted to the floor. Adjustable for different wheel sizes. Good working order. R250 each Collection in Observatory, CAPE TOWN.
  15. NearlyThere


    Hi Dogs, My bike was stolen today from Wynberg, Cape Town at around 4PM. This is when I discovered I have precious few pix of the bike. Roadside pix shows bike in latest form, has a War Eagle screen. As seen in images, it's a 2007 F650GS. It has the typical battery overflow marks on the RHS...
  16. NearlyThere

    Newbie Woodworker looking for clamping advice

    A question for the dogs with sawdust in their hearts (and lungs). What kind of clamps do you use? I'm looking to do some re-gluing of furniture and need to buy clamps. Some small ones (15cm) and medium (60-100 cm) I look at second hand, and then I look at new. The prices for the new clamps...
  17. NearlyThere

    Media Player - Advice request

    Hoping some of you digital dogs will be able to point me in the right direction. We've got a not-so-smart TV (no wifi) that is connected to an external HD (via cable), and an old Apple TV via cable (this in turn is connected to our household WiFi via a fast-ish fibre connection).  We use...
  18. NearlyThere

    Need some bakkie advice please

    Hi dogs, I'm looking to grow my smous business so it's time to buy a bakkie. I don't have much experience in vehicles of this type, other than owning a 2.8d 4x4 SFA Hilux some years back. The vehicle will be used for moving furniture, shortish runs. I need the largest load bed possible, so...
  19. NearlyThere

    FS: Rain Suit (XL) R325

    4-piece rain suit Jacket, pants and a pair of boot overs. Bought as part of a job lot some years ago and worn twice by myself, once trying it on and once recently during a 1 hour rainy ride where it lived up to its name. Looks like it's new. There are no signs of use. It's sized as XL and is...