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  1. Manic

    Doggy help offered

    Anyone here that works with dogs or for the SPCA that need financial help? Or maybe you know of someone who does this kind of work and there is a need for the animals? Im listening :love:
  2. Manic

    Adventure Bike

    Full insane 2.5hp. Easy services also. Can carry it around if your fuel runs out. But my gentle 110kg is too much. It aint going anywhere with me on it.
  3. Manic

    If you have Vehicle Finance read this.

    Some tips nobody ever tells you.
  4. Manic

    1250 GSA

    Sunday as Im leaving out for a ride, Stop at garage, to pump tyres up. See oil dripping under the bike. So I stand there and just check it out and think to myself WTF..... After few minutes, 10 to 15 drops on the ground. Rear shock said bye bye. 4300km on the clock. Its At BMW now, waiting...
  5. Manic

    Vehicle theft.

    Since I read all over about the bakkies/cars being stolen like crazy, especially the Toyota brands, I have a solution. Not going to give details on open forum, but trust me it works. After being stolen, the engine will run for about 500m then no more. They can do what they want it will not...
  6. Manic

    Most fun on 2 wheels.

    This is a beast. Raw power, zero electronics. If you dont know what you are doing, this bike will bite you, and hard!! Every time I swing my leg over this, the smile is never ending. Power wheelies past 3rd gear, its actually a struggle to keep the front wheel down. Not sure how many of the...
  7. Manic

    Upington honne?

    How many WD running around in Upington?
  8. Manic

    4x4 Tyres

    Dont overlook these. Same class as BF Goodrich, but way cheaper. 265/65/17 and can also supply 265/70/17. Other sizes also available.
  9. Manic

    Op die vuurtjie...

    Kalahari Skaap rib in Upington😬
  10. Manic

    Ry lekker soos n Milkshake

    Een vd bikes wat ek nog die langste ooit besit het. Die dingetjie impress my elke dag net al hoe meer😬😬
  11. Manic

    RIP Dirkie GS

    Just had a call from his brother, Dirkie GS (Aiden), passed away yesterday in a motorcycle accident. RIP my friend  :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(
  12. Manic

    Pannier solution needed.

    My GSA panniers are floating around on the floor in the garage. Getting damaged with the constant moving around, cause they are always in the way  >:D I have seen okes who attach them to the wall. Either by using pannier racks that came of another bike, with some modifying, attaching that to...
  13. Manic

    Wil jy werk of nie?

    Ek is nie vaak nie, so hier is n lang storie v julle. Party mense darem..............  :pot:  :pot: Ek koop die Suzuki 125, kort n rebuildt. Ek hoor van n ou hier in ons dorp, almal beveel hom aan. Hy het n bike shop, en dis sy kos.Sien van sy fotos van bikes gebou, en dis WOW!  So ek bel...
  14. Manic

    Anynone have a stolen KTM bike?

  15. Manic

    ALIWAL NOORD/ROUXVILLE dogs please help

    Someone on here that stays in Aliwal North/Rouxville? I need to pay someone for a small little bike and would love if we can go pick it up today. Dont like paying strangers money, scams too plenty these days  8) I see the bike is in Rouxville actually.
  16. Manic

    Copy videos Youtube?

    I listen to music videos on Youtube. There is a selection of awesome sound mixes, I would like to copy onto a USB to listen in my car. Can it be done? Or not?
  17. Manic

    Nou hoe kry ek hom hier met lockdown.(updated)

    :ricky: TZR 125. Licenced with papers  :biggrin:
  18. Manic

    Waeco question.

    I have 2 Waeco Fridge freezers I use in the cars for Holiday etc. The 240/12V jobbies. Most of the year they are inside the house and empty. What do the clever guys say...... must they be plugged in and running, or can they be unplugged and left. What is the best to make them last?
  19. Manic


    Hoe maak die manne wat skelmpies het? Of raps hy nou maar sy vrou vir die 21 dae?
  20. Manic

    Ping Fugly!

    Im looking for the man. Did he go into hiding this 21 days? Not responding to PM's, and I dont have his number  :'(