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    EC Accommodation advice wanted - Rhodes area

    My holiday plans changed a bit so now I'm looking to explore around the Rhodes area. Not a good time to look for accommodation I know, but I'm hoping the dogs know about some hidden gems. We'll be in the Rhodes area between 24 and 29 Dec (in the cage) and have obviously been on and...
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    **SORTED** Ordered an Oberon

    Can you buy these separate anywhere? KTM CT says I have to buy the whole slave cylinder R3.3k  :eek7:
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    ***WANTED*** DRZ side cover

    Howdy Does anyone have a back left side cover for a Suzuki DRZ 400 for sale as circled on the picture?
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    Good Mini Cooper mechanic Cape Town area??

    A friend has a lovely little convertible, but she's been messed around by BMW and now the car is giving trouble again. Is there anyone around CT who specializes in these cars, besides the agents?
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    Cederberg 4x4 routes wanted

    We're going to Cedrberg at the end of the month and want to go play with the dirtbikes, are there 4x4 routes where they will allow dirtbikes to go on, does anyone have contacts with places where one can go ride? No aftermarket super loud pipes on the bikes ;)
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    Rox adjustable risers for sale PRICE DROP

    I see these go for R1500 + new so I think R800 R700 is fair
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    I need a new amplifier

    Thanks to our fooked  power utility my amp is moertoe  >:( I'm so out of these things lately. I guess you want something with wifi and blueteeth etc... What to buy and where to get the best deal?
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    2008 KTM 300 XC-W SOLD

    I bought the bike earlier this year, fixed it up a bit for weekend riding and then found a lekker 350 so now the 300 is not being used anymore. New rear tyre New side stand New grips 24 hours since last top end re-build. 4CS forks and the rear suspension recently serviced, new seals, oil...
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    Looking for a KTM 250/300 2T for a buddy

    Budget +/-35k. EXC or XC-W preferably 2012 onward I have found buying a 2nd hand dirt bike from the forum is a little less risky than buying on Gumtree as most members care about their reputation (I think  :lol8:)
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    Slip on exhaust for KTM 350????

    Is it worth spending money on a free flow exhaust? I have a new to me 350 XCF-W and would like to know if it makes a big difference. My Zeff side wants it for the sound, but does it improve performance? I also have an FMF power bomb, not fitted, do they really make much difference? Does the FI...
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    RICHA gloves XL- **SOLD**

    Brand spanking new in the original packaging. Bought online but they're too big for me. Size XL/10 - Now R 850
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    Oxford Bone dry winter gloves size XS

    Oxford Bone dry winter gloves size Extra Small -  R300
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    KTM 950 ADV brake disc rotors

    My trusty steed has racked up quite a few miles and its time to replace the front and rear discs. Non ABS. Apart from KTM discontinuing the OEM left front disc  :o the stuff available through the agents are eye wateringly expensive. What other options do I have?
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    Parcel from Cape Town to Walvis bay

    Howdy I'm trying to help out a guy who is travelling the world on a bicycle. He wants to send some spare tyres and parts that he will need in Africa up to a friend of mine in Walvis to make his bicycle lighter. If anyone can take it up for him, that will be great. You can check out his blog...
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    Going to Catalunya MotoGP Whoo hoo!!!

    So I'll be in Barcelona for 10 days and will attend my first ever MotoGP. Super excited and would like some advice from those in the know. I'll be getting general access tickets, IE on the grass banks. It seems like turn 3 is a good place to watch the race, any other suggestions? What is the...
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    Ping Ortos, does anyone have his phone # ?

    Phone me on Oh ate too 824 8843
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    What bug is this?

    I have these things hanging from the walls. I squeezed one a while ago and a worm like thing got squashed out. Most are empty. What is it?
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    Looking for a quick getaway between X-mas and NY. WC

    Looking for a 4x4 getaway around the Western Cape (even Eastern Cape) as stated. I did Anysberg and the Tapfontein route last year, looking for something similar to get away from the city buzz. Not too difficult or risky. Well be in 2 vehicles and can either camp or sleep in whatever is...
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    Lift wanted for tiny parcel from Booysens to Cape Town

    I want o get some gearbox muti from All-o-matic in JHB as the local guys are more than doubling the price, but All-o-matic isn't accommodating at all when it comes to shipping. In fact they still insist on using FAXES, unfortunately they are the only distributors of this stuff. I'm taking a...
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    Kruger advice wanted

    We are going to Hazyview for a little break and will do a few drives into KNP. Where should one go to in the southern part of the park. IE is there a specific water hole that one should hang around at?