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  1. whitedelight

    I Am Bored. Show me your guns

    So keen to see what the Dogs all shoot.
  2. whitedelight

    Zumo 660 For Sale

    Garmin Zumo 660 for sale. Never mounted on bike,used more in car. Comes with bike mount with wiring harness ,car auction mount with 12v charge cable. Sub Saharan Topo maps & T4A on ds card. Still have original box and protective carry case for GPS. R4250 Shipping for buyers account.
  3. whitedelight

    FS Zumo 660

    Hi All Got a Zumo 660 for sale. I have never fitted it to bike yet. Still have the original box. Has bike cradle and wiring harness. Also has mounting kit to be used in car. Comes with carry case,Sub Sahara Topo ,apps and T4A on memory card. Wanting R4750,shipping for buyers account. I am based...
  4. whitedelight

    Buying First Handgun

    So have been wanting to get a handgun for quite sometime,but missus was not keen to have one in the house. I have convinced her I won't leave it lying around like I do with my riding gear..... O0. Been doing a lot of You Tubing to get a feel of what is a good EDC pistol. So far I am liking the...
  5. whitedelight

    Cape Town Motor Show

    Anyone going this weekend?? I am going through today,hope it will be good.
  6. whitedelight

    Satellite Phone For Sale

    Hi I have got an In,arms at Isatphone Pro up for grabs. Comes with travel protection pouch . Give me a shout if you need more details.R3500 . No airtime with it but latest hardware upgrade done.
  7. whitedelight

    Leatt Coolit T Shirt

    As the heading says I got a Coolit Tee for sale. Size is 3xl but does not fit me. I normally wear all things XL,but not with this . Not sure if it stretches more when you wet it,did not even try. If you keen it is yours for R850 . Xmas special...
  8. whitedelight

    Shark S700

    Ok I need a new road helmet. Anyone got experience with the Shark S700. It has the integrated sun visor which is a must for me,riding with sunglasses is not comfortable on longer trips. Any feedback on this helmet or anything similar would be great.
  9. whitedelight

    Knee Braces For Sale

    Hi all. I bought a pair of knee braces but they too big for me. EVS Vision size XL R1500.00 Give us a shout if you keen. Cheers
  10. whitedelight

    Help with charging point

    So where is the best place to fit a plug for my optima test on my 990. Preferably do not want to take off panels or seat to charge once installed. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. whitedelight

    Bike Pricing Question

    So doing a little reading this morning and something got me thinking about pricing after watching a few YouTube videos on some different bikes. The Yamaha MT10 in the States has the same MSP as the base model Hoda CRF1000L ,but here there is a huge difference in price between the two bikes. My...
  12. whitedelight

    S10 Stock exhaust- Free to good home

    As per title, I still have the stock exhaust that came with my S10. If anyone wants it ,they are welcome to collect.
  13. whitedelight

    How Many Harley Owners on this Forum.

    So in light of our newest Harley owner on this forum,how many guys actually own them?? Post a pic of your ride . This is mine,one the way to Veldtie on a week long trip.
  14. whitedelight

    Part needed

    There is a bush that sits above the chain that fixes into the frame. It is there for protection to stop the chain moving up I think this is the part no. 60030060044. It is fixed into the frame with this part 0025060356 HH COLLAR SCREW M6X35 TX30 . KTM Cape Town does not have the part.
  15. whitedelight

    Address from cell number

    Hi anyone able to trace an address from a cell number. Transaction gone bad and small claims won't proceed without an address. Thanks in advance
  16. whitedelight

    Low Mileage GSA For Sale

    A mate of mine is selling his bike ,only got 15000km on the clock. He is pretty anal about all his bikes. Bike is based in Cape Town and is very neat.
  17. whitedelight

    Car from Joburg to Cape Town transport offered

    Hi does anyone need a car transported from Joburg to Cape Town.  My niece is moving to Joburg so my sister and I are going to drive up with her. We are taking her car and Portchester Cayenne for a friend. We are keen to drive back so if anyone needs a car to be in the Cape let us know. We will...
  18. whitedelight

    slide Scanner

    Anyone in Cape Town that would loan out or rent out a scanner that can do slides? Got a whole lot of slides I would like to do. Can buy one.but then it would have no use for it once done. Anyone got one??
  19. whitedelight

    Anyone need car driven from Jhb to Cpt in March.

    My niece is moving back to Joburg,and needs to take her car there. Her mom and I are not keen to let her drive up alone. So we decided to drive up in two vehicles and drive back in the one. Now a friend wants us to take up his new Porsche Cayenne. Now we still gotta get back. Sister and I like...
  20. whitedelight

    Doomsday Preppers

    Watching a show on National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers. Man these people are fooking looney.cypu could maybe understand people stocking up with water and canned foods here. But in the US with no imminent threat,these people are busy building a bunker. Imagine living your whole life...