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  1. Hinksding

    Doctors & medical aid

    Kom ons try maak n lang storie kort. Ek Desember gaan ek vir ñ opinie rakende my knie by ñ dokter in die Kaap. Na die ondersoek sê hy: Kom ons maak die knie reg sodat jy weer kan hurk. 5 weke na die operasie, nadat hy al 100de ander pasiënte gehad het, gaan ek vir n opvolg, ek vra hom heel...
  2. Hinksding

    Petol in the Oil?

    Asking for a friend :biggrin: A friend of mine's 790 got petrol in the oil, any suggestions why and how? Did anybody had similar issues? The bike's got 5000km on the clock. Thank you
  3. Hinksding

    Gearne boots Size 10 UK

    I bought it a while ago on the forum. They are to small for me. Its in a used condition, but everything is in well working order. All the stitching and clips are 100% I paid 2k but will take R1500 Paxi included.
  4. Hinksding

    Free Dakar screen

    Will fit newer models I bought it here on the forum for R350 for a friend, who had a prang, but it didn't fit. Free to gooooo! Postage for buyers account
  5. Hinksding

    Any JAWA motorcycle owners

    Any Java owners around, or maybe an owners club in SA? I need an opinion please Thank you
  6. Hinksding

    LF: BMW 318i E46 Brake servo vacuum pump

    Can anybody point me in the right direction please? Thank you
  7. Hinksding

    LF : Honda XR 650 L (o)(o)

    Hi Lads I am seeking a low milage Honda XaaaR for a friend. Preferably in the Northern-& Western Cape regions. Is Lord Knormoer nog nie moeg vir syne nie? :pot:
  8. Hinksding

    Dakar screen I recently bought the screen for a friend of mine who had a bad off. Unfortunately the screen does not fit, as this is a 2011 screen. I paid R350 for it. The screen is really in a very good condition. No scratches. I'll...
  9. Hinksding

    Wanted: Kiddies brace

    I am looking for a kid's brace for my friend's son. He's around 12 years old Thank you
  10. Hinksding

    A bad brawl.

    I type this with hesitation, but somehow I still would like some Dogs's opinions. Last Sunday, my family and some friends went for a blommetoer around town. The views are spectacular and indeed something to appreciate. The town got some common ground, something like 40000ha. This belongs to...
  11. Hinksding

    Wanted: Boxer

    Nee. Nie die engine nie. Ook nie die hond nie. Die ander een wat lyk soos n Ktm. Ja ja ja....ek weet, maar my plaasmense wil crack daarsonder. Help daar asb. Ek ry nou plaas toe en is uit sein  tot oormôre. Dankie 08266vier0ses11
  12. Hinksding

    Wanted: Indian speedometer

    I am looking for a speedo for a friend: "This Corbin '51 to 53 Police Special. Standard would be the same except would not have button on left side or red max speed needle. Any '48 to '53 Indian chief speedo would work." I know this might be hens teeth to find, but I might have some luck. If...
  13. Hinksding

    Any one making use of Spot X tracking/Tracing devices?

    Anyone got some info on any of these products? Got something rather exiting coming up and need something in this line. They dont mention monthly subscriptions anywhere, is this so? Thank you
  14. Hinksding

    Looking for a few US $$$.Anyone in CT?

    I want to exchange Rands for $ Please drop a pm. My nr. 0826640sixdubble1 Thank you
  15. Hinksding

    Any reputable tanners?

    I want to have a couple of Nguni skins tanned, but is looking for a new tanner. Prins Albert's tannery got one of my skins for more than two years now. When you send your skins to Mosselbay, they come back with hairless patches. Can anyone please vouch a reputable tanner? Thank you
  16. Hinksding

    BMW R80GS in original condition

    I am not affiliated, just advertising it on behalf of a friend. One owner 1981 model 43000km true kms. Quoting the owner: "Kilos presies reg. Gediens volgens boekie. Ignition bietjie uitgesluit. Bande goeie toestand. Meer as helfte kilos was op die teer. Battery is gedaan van die staan" R85...
  17. Hinksding

    Any Ford Ecosport owners?

    My sister is urgently looking for one. Petrol or diesel? Whats the fuel consumption on these cars? Please comment on what you actually calculate at the pump, not on what the car "says" :biggrin: Something else to look out for? Thank you
  18. Hinksding

    Honda Africa 4

    The swinarm remind me of the notorious HP2! I love the looks. If it was mine I'd fit spoke rims with a 21" in the front and a mini lower fender.
  19. Hinksding

    Cutting plastic sheets. Any ideas please. CNC?

    I am busy with a trail and error project, that might lead in to some sort of production if it works. I need to cut a pattern out of plastic sheets which is 1mm- 1.5mm thick. Will CNC lazer cutting be the answer? Anybody in the trade who could possibly assist? Preferably in the Western Cape. It...
  20. Hinksding

    Any Dogs in Secunda?

    Please Pm or WhatsApp me if you could check out a vehicle for me. Thank you Christoffel 082dubble64zero611