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    Shipping of bikes to Cairo / Jeddah

    I am looking to ship 3X DS bikes to Saudi Arabia or Cairo if indeed less painful? team Gazoo says they're full for the December run. The plan is to use them here for a while and then ride them back home to SA. We are weighing the cost of buying here, limited options and the general stuffery...
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    International shipping of bikes - where do we start?

    I am looking to ship 3X DS bikes to Saudi Arabia? team Gazoo says they're full for the December run. :cool: The plan is to use them here for a while and then ride them back home to SA. We are weighing the cost of buying here, limited options and the general stuffery of paperwork in general...
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    LF: digital conversion of 70 year old wedding video

    Yes, 70 years ago my grandparents got married at Groblershoop in a quaint little church that is sadly just a shell today. After their passing we found the (seems spotless) 8mm wedding films. I've kept then unopened and want to have them professionally converted to digital so we can have a...
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    Any WDs in Uganda - Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe

    So, the old covid has thrown another salvo of f#ck&ry our way... I have to now be out of the motherland before returning to the fun factory called the middle earth (spelled east) - Uganda looks like a good option, was in Kenya for a month in May and not looking to get "al shabaabed" in Ethiopia...
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    UB leisure contact

    Anyone possibly involved with UB leisure or have contact e-mail of their owners / management?
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    West coast roads from Kleinsee to Elandsbaai

    I am looking at doing a west coast roadtrip with the family. As I have not been anywhere near the west coast north of Paternoster in 10 years i'd like to hop around the spots from kleinsee to elandsbaai and then swing inward to Citrusdal. On the bike i'd just wing it but as mein fuhrer will be...
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    WANTED: CRF 70

    I am looking for a CRF 70 for my 6 year old son. will look at 110 and TTR as well.  Anyone know of any leads please. Bike's final destination will be Upington so I will need to arrange transport / lift as well.
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    WANTED: Upgrade from PW 50

    I am looking for something bigger for my laaitie. He's quite comfortable with stopping and going through the veld at a steady 40km/h. I can see that he is aware of what is around and in front of him so the fuhrer has given her permission to upgrade. My application was however denied  :'( He had...
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    Aftermarket audio options for old Fortuner

    Having just done a trip with the family I now need to upgrade the audio for the sake of my mirrage and my sanity - need to keep the peeps entertained. We have a kitted 2009 fortuner we use for these trips but the audio is lacking. The standard radio unit is a bit of a frustration and I am...
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    Property Inspections - why are we not doing it

    I am starting my own business - a post covid necessity I presume would be an apt description of why. Coming from the property development / construction environment it seems like a logical choice for what the market needs. With the new property practitioners act imminent (whatever that means -...
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    Chair Lift - Overberg Area

    My FIL's old military injuries are now catching up with him big time. Serious surgeries in 2015, 2018 and now a week ago to keep circulation to his leg to try ensure his future mobility. He is an yster and I have massive respect for him but he is in a bad spot. He lives in Hermanus and has now...
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    Boma design - wondering about options

    I am looking for some input from the seasoned braai masters and boma builders. I am considering various design options for an outdoor boma - the interwebs has some seriously nice ones to poach from but opinions matter to me with these things. Built seating area or just paved 2m area around...
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    2012 Triumph Tiger 800 XC

    2012 Triumph Tiger 800XC ABS 58 500km on the clock Owned the bike from 7800km – bought it in October 2013 from a colleague. Used as daily commuter – goes very well. I have a dedicated file with all docs related to the bike’s history – serviced on average between 5000 and 7000km. FSH from Fast...
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    XR 650L - indicator delay of 20-30 seconds

    Advice needed Yesterday my colleague asked me re a substantial delay to his indicators going on in the cold. 2013 XR 650L with 34kkm. Good overall condition. I have seen it in action this morning. Literally 500m delay before the light flashes after flipping the switch when you pull away. I...
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    Vinnige 4000 vir Paasnaweek

    Wife: OK, vlugte is gebook vir ons 3. (her and the kids). Hoekom moet jy werk oor die tyd? Almal gaan weg. Me: It's what I do - I have to keep the gears turning when everyone else is on the beach. Wife: Ek weet vlugte gaan baie duur wees ma kyk of jy net vir 'n week kan kom. (insert Employer...
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    Boots for under 4K

    I need some advice. I have been riding for many years and have transitioned from Fox forma pro to Fox comp, then Thor biltz then TCX shorty. I have also made the mistake of buying DMD boots last year for 2K - lesson learnt, they are total [email protected] My gardener now looks quite butch met sy biker(ish)...
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    WANTED: Top box for XR 650L secondhand or new in Gauteng

    Have to laugh... Colleague of mine is now gatvol of his lunchbox and toebroodjies falling off of his makeshift luggage rack thingy. The computer that needed a new screen was certainly the last straw... Looking for a top box - new or second hand that will fit or be slightly modified to fit an...
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    FOR SALE: 2012 Triumph Tiger 800XC

    I have an opportunity to buy my Quest bike so I need to let go of my commute bike as gazetted martial ruling number #964 states: “Thou shall not buy another bike” I take good care of my bikes and don't mind to spend extra to keep them tip top. I was keeping this one because i like it until I...
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    800 XC handlebar bag

    Does anyone know if the Wunderlich handlebar bags are universal or if there is a model specific one for an 800XC? I live in the sticks so I want to be sure before I order. I'm looking for one on the forum as well. I have looked at locally made ones at the triumph dealership but they look a...
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    Looking for 2012 Tiger 800 XC front indicators

    I am looking for front indicators for my 800 XC. i live in the sticks so i have to go to midas or get online. dealer not really an option until the next service in two months. I suspect the originals were over tightened and the rubber was damaged to some degree. After some time and vibration it...