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    Mahindra XUV 700

    Ek sien @Hardy de Kock en span is weer aan die travel in Mahindras, gooi asb bietjie meer info oor die XUV 700? As mens soveel kinders het soos ek is n double cab net n droom, hierdie 7 seaters sal moet doen tot die spuo self kan ry!
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    Shipping of products from USA?

    Hi, does anybody have an idea or contact who I can use to import about 15 pairs of gumboots from the US of A? They don't do international shipping, and need an address in the US to send it to, so will need to get someone who knows how to then send it off to ZA?
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    Wolbaadjie anyone?

    I am looking for a wool blazer for myself, and got a quote of R 7 000… Anyone with contacts?
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    Mahindra Expedition

    Seems like @Hardy de Kock and some friends are pushing some boundaries, including their own… Phoned him earlier today to ask some advice on a scooter I am thinking about and was informed the Die Hard Cruiser fan is on some sort of treasure hunt with the new Mahindra Pik Up Karoo bakkies…...
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    North west facing home?

    As per topic, we might be interested in buying a house, but main concern is that all rooms are facing north west.. The house is in Pretoria, so probably not as extreme as Bloemfontein or colder interior, but what are the pros and cons?
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    Kasane airport to Livingstone Airport transfers

    I need to go to Botswana next week - flying to Kasane on Tuesday, but yesterday Airlink reduced their flights, so can only return on Sunday.  I have some responsibilities on Friday evening and Saturday back home... There are flights on Friday from Livingstone, but not sure how reliable the...
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    Too excited: no idea where to go... Any suggestions? Karoo?

    As mentioned, I am too excited to think properly. The wife managed to organise with ouma to look after the kids from 3 October to about the 6th/7th. I do not currently have a bike but a 4x4 which I can open all windows off to get the same (almost) feeling.  I might be able to borrow a friends...
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    Anyone with contacts at Ingersoll Rand (compressors) or distributors?

    My brother in-law is struggling to get hold of anyone who can help with spares for his Ingersoll Rand compressor. He is looking for a power switch and filters for his 5,6kW unit. If anyone here can help or have a contact, please send me a PM? Thanks!
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    Potch to Pretoria or Polokwane

    I have some 4m poles in Potch I need to get to me (Pretoria) and eventually to Pietersburg. Anyone with a trailer or transport business doing that route, please let me know, otherwise I will have to rent a trailer and drive there and back.
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    Lift needed for trailer from Jansenville or surrounds to Bothaville, Bloem, PTA

    Friend of mine has his hunting trailer in Jansenville (would be able to take it to GR or surrounds) which he will need by Wednesday next week. He stays in Bothaville, but can get the trailer in Bloem or surrounds. I stay in Pretoria, so other places which can work includes: Rustenburg...
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    Garage clean up

    After our (not so) recent relocation, I have a few things gathering dust: 1.  BMW LC Tank bag for R1500 2.  18 inch extra heavy duty tube-never used for R500 3.  Fork savers for free 4.  If I can find it again a tooltube for any offer. Will post pics over the weekend.
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    Doppe skoonmaak

    Ek is so aan die begin van self laai. Wat gebruik julle ok doppe skoon te maak? Ek verstaan die wet tumblers is die beter opsies, maar dis vrek duur. Is daar nie iemand in GP wat doppe skoonmaak tee n fooi nie? Of moet ek maar koop en klaarkry?
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    Pretoria to CPT or Wellington

    I have to send a couple of boxes to Wellington, CPT or close to there. About 3 big boxes with jackets and 3 smaller boxes with tablets. Need to go in the next two weeks, and of course, willing to pay, would rather support a WD.
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    Can we not start a scammer rehabilitation facility?

    So I moved to Pretoria and learned very quickly that not everyone can be trusted. Long story short, generator needed a service, guy comes to do it on site, says theres something wrong with alternator and needs to fix it. Comes back with another gennie on offer for R2k as mine couldn’t be...
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    Africa Twin footpegs - sold

    I have a set of Rockfox footpegs for an Africa Twin. R500 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    18 inch heavy duty tube

    I have a brand new ultra heavy duty tube (18 inch). R 300 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2013 BMW R1200GS LC

    My LC is for sale Has about 46 000km on, due for an annual service which I will do. It has the following: Brand new Karoo 3 tyres Crash bars Headlight guard Pannier brackets I am looking at R100 000. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Enige honde in Ellisras?

    Is daar enige honde in Ellisras wat vir my kan gaan loer na n waentjie wat ek dalk wil koop?
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    Mount Aux Sources Trial run

    Anyone did it before? I might let myself being bullied into the race, but need some advise as I have never done a trial run further than 16km!
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    Comrades 2019

    So, who of you will be suffering with me on Sunday? My nerves are getting the better of me, and I see we might have a scorcher :deal: