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    Amazing restoration

    Not sure where to post it. very satisfying
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    Ducati Lamborghini hook up damn, that is pretty, and pretty expensive too.
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    Electric bikes

    Anyone have one? Anyone tempted. Far too expensive here an rarely see one. I am at a bike night at the minute and saw a zero. 22 grand is a lotta loot.
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    Saw a Fantic XEF125 parked today. my oh my what a beautiful machine. Had a learner plate on it as 17 year olds can ride up to a 125. what a bloody sexy machine, I was in awe of the thing. See they make a 250 too...
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    Wankers pull in.
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    Job titles

    I am a member on LinkedIn…and I am astounded at the verbosity of some job titles. In the new woke age should we not do away with job titles completely…so 1980s with business cards and the like.
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    Posting w/o quoting

    Is it possible to post a reply to a topic without quoting another post?
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    Ole Tony knows

    A thing or 2 about riffs
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    Linex yamaha

    Got burgled. Only helmets stolen so be aware of cheap expensive helmets.
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    Does this place still exist

    Whenever I click by error on the advert it tells me the site is for sale.
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    Bike porn - Langen

    Wow, price around 34k here. But If you have to ask….
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    For the man who has everything
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    Squid game

    New series on Netflix, dubbed from korean. What a completely fucked up story, Takeshi castle taken to the extreme. Really enjoying it , all the subtle story plots. The guys that come up with these plots are loonies i reckon. Like the platform...farked up
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    Kawasaki Z650

    Kawasaki sweating that 650 motor hey Shoulda been a 4, but it looks pielle
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    Chilli sauces

    So, being particularly fond of chilli sauces i buy a fair amount of the stuff. Recently discovered a company in Wiltshire called just chillies and decided to try their range. They make a fair amount of different sauces but decided to try these 4. God slayer- Heaven help me, this is off the...
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    Bat out off hell

    Jim Steinman who by some accounts was mad passed.
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    Iron Cowboy

    The man is looking at doing 100 ironman distance events in 100 consecutive days. Why? I dont know...the man is a loonie.. Has done 50 in 50 whats another 50
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    Barry Sheene

    Busy reading a biography called Barry Sheene 1950 - 2003. Men were men in them days hey. Smoked 60 a day, drilled a hole in his helmet so he could have a fag on the grid, slept in his van, partied with james hunt, shagged his lungs out. came back from horrific injuries in short periods of time...
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    Day the Falcon returns

    is tomorrow
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    Well ,this is one of the best i have ever seen, if not the best. But i aint seen many