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  1. Dorsland

    Is 2SD met laaaaang verlof?

    Lyk my hy het iemand dié slag goed omgekrap. Is die man op sabbatical of verlof? Want dis waaragtig nie 'n lang naweek verbanering nie.
  2. Dorsland

    Bread machine advice

    I want to buy my wife a bread machine for Christmas. Either this Mellerware Ma Baker version or the Kenwood model. Anybody have either of them or experience with any other models please? Kenwood - Bread Maker 750g - BMM13.WH
  3. Dorsland

    Give us our daily bread

    Or maybe not. Shelves are practically empty of any bread at the supermarkets in Graaff-Reinet where I was today. The store manager says for the past 3 weeks it is almost impossible to get any bread or related products due to a strike at Sasko. Supply of a number of bread products in the...
  4. Dorsland

    Vir Subie

  5. Dorsland

    Fatigue - how to deal with it.

    Ja, things are tough out there, the pace never lets up and each day brings its own challenges. However, lately I am finding it difficult to get through a day with anywhere near the level of energy I started with. There are mornings where I really battle to get out of bed even though I am asleep...
  6. Dorsland

    Upholsterer recommendation in Bloemfontein

    I want to have the seats of my bakkie rebuilt (foam, seat covers springs etc). Anybody have a recommendation for someone in or near Bloemfontein that will do a professional job please.
  7. Dorsland

    Keeping a compressor pressurised

    I have taken to keeping my workshop compressor charged (filled) when not in use as it's always a pain in the neck to run it before being able to pump a tyre of similar. Is this bad for it? Can it destroy seals eventually? What say you clever okes.
  8. Dorsland

    Justice does still exist in this world

    For a long time I have believed that justice does not exist in this world. Today, my poisoned viewpoint has been changed for the better. The gears of justice turn slowly, but turn they do. 😂
  9. Dorsland

    LED replacement headlights

    I want to replace the standard (very dull) headlights on my Cruiser bakkie with 7" LED lights. I don't want to spend a huge amount. I realise you get what you pay for but R6000 for a set of lights for my farm bakkie is way too much. Anyone have some advise or personal experience? These popped...
  10. Dorsland

    VAT refund delay

    How common is this crap from SARS? My VAT return gets done every 2 months and I am preparing my 2nd return while SARS drags their feet in refunding the previous (considerable) amount. All documentation they requested has been submitted and no further comms from them. No refund either. I know...
  11. Dorsland

    My Pa - 92 jaar is té kort

    Hier buite die gastehuis – die eerste beste een wat ek in die nag op kort kennisgewing kon vind – loop die wêreld sy daaglikse lope. Hier binne my dwaal my gedagtes oor klomp dinge, my alledaagse lewe vir eers gebriek. My geliefde Pa is in sy laaste dae. Waar ek hom laasnag, klein bondeltjie...
  12. Dorsland

    A bit more respect for the oldsters here please

    There is waaaaay too much disrespect from you young okes on this forum toward us oldsters. Dayum man, most of you young latte wouldn't even know what most of these things are. So until you can identify all these things, you can call me Oom Dorsland. And bring me my tea where I am sitting at...
  13. Dorsland

    Various bike parts/tyres on offer

    I am about to finally vacate my farm and have a few things I am about to toss on the dump. If you are interested, make me an offer and collect within the next 2 weeks please. I do not have time right now to Postnet them unfortunately. MotoZ 17" rear tyre off my XT660Z Teneré, got some good...
  14. Dorsland

    Advice on rapid, cost effective building methods

    Has anybody used this Kwikframe building method before?  I need quick and affordable but not cheap and nasty.
  15. Dorsland

    Economy on the skids

    So we are all pretty much feeling the poor state of the economy in some way or another. This morning I took my labour to town for their month-end long weekend off. Coming into town, I see big advertising boards erected advertising that the Graaff-Reinet municipality is auctioning off the...
  16. Dorsland

    So what happened to the forum?

    Forum and Tapatalk version was down since last night?  What happened?  Hein not BBBEE enough?  We pay good money to have this forum up and running 24/7.  See the hell to it that your suppliers are paid, bribes, "commissions" and cash donations in unmarked brown envelopes distributed on time...
  17. Dorsland

    SANDF defeated at the battle of Bloemfontein

    Who needs foes when your stupidity is your own worst enemy. Klink nie reg na die mods dit geredigeer het nie [emoji6]
  18. Dorsland

    Soms staan karma vroeg op

    Ja OK, ek maak nou sommer 'n klomp aannames, stenig my maar. Tenderpreneuer in sy Lambo, staan langs die pad waar hy nie moet nie. Sommer omdat hy kan.  Of dalk, na hy die Lambo gekoop het, het hy nie genoeg geld vir brandstof of diens en onderhoud oorgehad nie.  Trok ry hom ISM...
  19. Dorsland

    Ken iemand Toggekry Landboudienste op Mosselbaai?

    More kêrels,  Ek wil hierdie kratte by Toggekry Landboudienste op Mosselbaai koop.  Ek moet vooruit betaal voor hulle sal kom aflewer.  Ek wil net seker maak hulle bestaan en ek nie my geld kwyt is nie.  Dan gaan ek kwaad wees, iemand gaan seer kry, goed gaan gebreek wees en dan is ek weer op...
  20. Dorsland

    Architect type advice needed please

    I need to totally renovate an old farmhouse in the Northern Cape that has been vacant for around 15 years.  For the life of me we cannot come up with  ideas to turn it into a comfortable and practical home at a reasonably affordable cost. Is there anyone that would be prepared to offer...