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  1. tau

    Those guns that make no sense in South Africa... but you want it.

    There are so many guns I want but they make no sense in SA due to license issues or ammo costs. The Ruger LC Carbine would be in my safe yesterday if 5.7 x 28 ammo was available or affordable in South Africa I know my AR does...
  2. tau

    For Sale 2016 Sherco 300 SE- Factory

    2016 Sherco 300 SE- Factory edition 290hrs new starter (4hrs old) Newish battery FMF system Bash gards frame gaurds Polisport engine covers Nekken triplle clamps PSP disk gaurds Acerbis handgaurds R48 000 ONCO R45 000 ONCO I bought the bike a month ago from a friend. However I don't use it.
  3. tau

    Fridge for 12volt system?

    I have aq small 12v solar system on my farm in Namibia. Currently I take a Engel camping fridge with everytime I go up. Is there a normal "househol: fridge that can work on a 12 volt system?
  4. tau

    Sold 2002-2004 Yamaha YZ85 SW for sale.

    YZ 85 SW for sale I am not certain of the year model. They are all the same 2002 - 2020. The bike has new plastics kit so looks like a new model Suspension was rebuild by Cecil Penny racing Aug 2020 New radiator fitted Carb has been set by CPR TBR ported and flowed Cylinder and head Gearbox...
  5. tau

    G43 stock somewhere?

    Weet iemand van Glock G43 stock iewers in kaap of noorde?
  6. tau

    Radar Renegade tyres?

    Hi Dogs Just curious any real world experience with these tyres?
  7. tau

    Dodging kangaroos, borders and Sheila’s

    So I will start a ride from Brisbane on Sunday. The big goal is to do a Solo Simpson desert crossing. However I have to be out of a hotspot for 14 days before Northern Territory will allow me in. So I will ride west to Carnarvon National park then north and do the Creb track and then to Cape...
  8. tau

    Entering Zimbabwe

    Who knows the costs and insurance needs for Zimbabwe. Just had 2 RTW riders stay with me. Have heard mixed info on cost for a bike to enter (TIP ) and that you need proof of insurance at border. Anybody with recent experience?
  9. tau

    Biker down Koës Namibia- ID needed-

    Message from Eugene/ Roboskrop who lives in Koës maybe someone can help. Hoor gou op verskillende groepe asb of iemand weet van n ouerigge oom wat met bike vannaf sa kom ry het hy het op koes brandstof ingegooi en net voor stampriet n helse val gehad. Die polisie is met hom windhoek toe maar...
  10. tau

    2017 Beta 250 RR

    Brand new never been started. I looked at an auction for trailers and ended up buying this bike. Well we bought 3 between 3 mates. I am just too heavy for a 250 2 stroke, and I have too many bikes as it is. It has Registration papers. Unfortunately the battery and indicators are...
  11. tau

    Môre, is dalk ‘n beter dag.

    ‘n Verhaal oor die verkenning van Noord- oos Namibie en omgewing. Karakters is op werklike persone gebaseer. Geen leeus, olifante of buffels beseer, net een koei. ‘n Vloeiende vervolg verhaal uit die pen van alle deelnemers. Sommige sistuasies mag die puriste onder julle onstel.
  12. tau

    Gesoek: Standaard Afrika Tweeling windskerm

    Africa twin standard screen wanted please. Even a bedly scratced one. Want to make a shorty screen.
  13. tau

    Pillionseat bag

    I am thinking of removing my pillion seat and making a bag that wil fit in there. Has anybody done this before? I want to put my spare water and food in there.
  14. tau

    Carbon Fibre plane repairs

    My Dad had a little accident in his CTSW. Some carbon fibre repairs is needed. We have been in contact with the Chris Adrian that build gliders in GP, but he is too busy. Maybe somebody here knows of a company that does repairs. Dankie
  15. tau

    2018 Yamaha YZ450FX

    28 hr Hyde bashplate EE handgaurds Removing mouses and fitting to new bike, rest bike goes as in pictures. Amazing bike. Bike has only been run on Motul 7100 20W50 100% Synthetic. Serviced every 5 hrs. R85000.00 Price reduction R82000.00
  16. tau

    So I popped a valve...

    As most have seen now I had a valve failure on my HP2. It is so sad as this bike has not been ridden in anger since I got her, not much in the last 18 months (500 km ). When I bought the bike I took it to Tankwa bike burn within days where it developed a misfire and I had to ride it for 120 kn...
  17. tau


    Anybody have a spare set for sale, or know of a set for sale.
  18. tau

    Wanted: Yamaha TT 600

    Friend wants one. Not a Tenere 1983 modelish
  19. tau

    Namibia before the rain

  20. tau


    2013 WR450 F Ex Yamaha SA bike Full FMF IMS tank TBR flowed the head Bash plate Hayward suspension Cycra handgaurds Sharkfin This thing is like a BMX with a motor in flickablr, fast and amazing in the corners. No time to ride. I have used it 3 times since November 2015. R58 000.00