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  1. roxenz

    Zeiss binoculars - advice needed

    Usually moving from R10k to R20k makes a huge difference in quality of optics, so I go with the most expensive I could afford. 10X can be a bit jittery and tiring on the eyes if you don't use a stabilising pole or something. 8X is easier to use. My tuppence.
  2. roxenz

    New bike pitstop near Plett, on the N2.

    Bit out of my way, but great to hear about your new venture! Sure the EC dogs will be happy to support. Wishing you great success!
  3. roxenz

    Ek wonder oor die bok se naam?

    Check daai een banggat wat net wegjaag... 🤣
  4. roxenz

    Sy mag maar blow!!

    Met so bekfluitjie suig mens ook. Maar om te sê sy suig sal net nie reg wees nie. Sy rock!
  5. roxenz

    Another "Out the Box" build by FabMan

    Man! That is just out of this world! Totally bowled over by this. The overall design (shaping) is pure art, but what makes it truly exceptional are the smaller details. The air scoops, the exhaust ports, and especially the use of some visible rivets, to give that old warbird look. I don't know...
  6. roxenz

    Kom ons praat (b)akkies

    Hilux met 'n boxer enjin - die GS manne sal flippin tou staan! En 2SD sal 'n Mahindra fan word...
  7. roxenz

    My flying adventures.

    Of the three I liked Kob Inn best. But the difference isn't worth worrying about between Kob Inn and Mazeppa. You will enjoy either one at least as much as Wavecrest, but I felt Kob Inn's food was a bit better. Chefs change however, and we haven't been in a while. Good memories of the Wild Coast!
  8. roxenz

    F#k Natis - Bike Drivers License Question

    On West Rand. Both my kids got their licences through Charlie. First time success. Charlie is a legend on the West Rand. They make the bookings as well. No bribes.
  9. roxenz


    They associated with eejits...
  10. roxenz

    Obobogorop Cemetery.

    Harde wêreld, maar ook hartswêreld.
  11. roxenz

    Some wildlife Photo's (add yours)

    Bushpig? My BIL was launched well out of his folding chair, sitting next to me at a campfire, by a disgruntled bushpig. Luckily she wasn't very big, but for some reason took exception to our braai. Perhaps the fact that we were braaiing pork ribs had something to do with it... 🤣
  12. roxenz

    Obobogorop Cemetery.

    Die "gorra" gedeelte is of Nama of San. Beteken plek waar water uitsyfer (gewoonlik is jy so biekie gegrawe het). My Oupa het wild grootgeword met Nama en San mense en het beide vlot gepraat. Dis een van daai wereld se woorde wat ek van hom geleer het. Onthou nog so paar, gebruik dit as ek my...
  13. roxenz


    Every new motorcyclist should have this drilled into them!
  14. roxenz

    Some wildlife Photo's (add yours)

    I like trees (and bushes and grass - but this is not about those). Over the weekend on the farm we noticed on our morning walk that one of the sekelbos (?) trees seemed to have sprouted dreadlocks. These long light green "pods" had a lot of yellow flowers and heaps of insets buzzing about the...
  15. roxenz


    Yip, perfect storm of circumstances (or accumulation of idiocies from the bikes and the too fast SUV, with truck in unfortunate position.. But perhaps it started with a bit of arrogance on the side of the motorcyclists - who are not metro police and have no business trying to regulate traffic.
  16. roxenz

    Honda Navi - please Honda SA!!!

    If I buy a scooter it gotta be this. Met one at traffic lights last week. Left me for dead on pullaway. It farks off like nothing I've ever seen.
  17. roxenz

    The Kransaap turns 18.

    Congratulations Tommy! If I recall correctly, I met you and the Kransaap the first time on the first Marico bash. I remember being impressed with this guy who could easily keep pace with the windgat dust chasers at the front of the group, yet was happy to putter at the rear, helping the newbies...
  18. roxenz

    Tenere 40 year anniversary Koedoeskloof, Ladismith WC

    Mooi is darem maar mooi! 🤩
  19. roxenz

    Tswaaane mayor

    As in "ugly nunu"...
  20. roxenz

    How WD threads evolved over the last couple of year.

    As dit tussen KTM en BMW is, dan is Toyota seker maar die beste.