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  1. JohnnyM

    Wanted Ktm 690 seat 2014

    where are you based?
  2. JohnnyM

    A day in the workshop ...

    Ja wel no fine......... 14 years old, someone tells me that I need to de-coke the expansion pipe on my MT 5. Double garage brand new burgundy Mercedes 240 parked on on side, so I use the side where the old mans bakkie is supposed to go that evening. I pulled the pipe off and poured some Merc...
  3. JohnnyM


    I have been and continue te wear my Custom CTI braces for 90% of my riding. On the 300, Always On the 690, Always On the 1290, depending on the terrain I am expecting to ride......if it's going to be a boring long tar ride I'll wear my knee guards. if however there is some dirt involved I wear...
  4. JohnnyM

    Oh no... Noneking down??

    Ai Canzius, Sterkte man....word nou gesond
  5. JohnnyM

    Converting a 690 as a proper offroad tool.

    I was in the same boat 2 years ago, had to decide between a 500 and the 690. In the end I ended up with the 690. As this buy was to be used as a "hooligan mode" off-road adventure weapon only. Neither of the bikes are built (or maybe ones ass isn't) for the long road sections to get to where...
  6. JohnnyM

    ELM327 Bluetooth diagnostic scanner jobbie

    Just remember!!!!!!! You plug it into the OBD port on the vehicle. It will NOT give you all the data that you get from the OE tech tools as the CANBUS available to you on the OBD CANBUS is a hugely watered down version of the vehicle backbone CANBUS.
  7. JohnnyM

    ELM327 Bluetooth diagnostic scanner jobbie

    I use it on my iPhone with no problems
  8. JohnnyM

    Motorcycle backpacks

    Just a bastard to get on and off the bike with the second bag on especially if you stopped the bike on uneven soft terrain.
  9. JohnnyM

    Satellite internet - what can be expected

    yes, with 2 earth stations. If you use certain sites a lot they cash the back end data making your "landing response" time faster and the link gets established faster. You can also run Voice over IP on the service. this will enable you to make phone calls via satellite data. Damn, I had to stop...
  10. JohnnyM

    Satellite internet - what can be expected

    I used to be involved with the rollout and installer training of the VOX Yahclick service. It was a market leading product at the time.
  11. JohnnyM

    Easy Loader type trailer. Pros and cons? Who makes the best?

    As far as I know those ramps are specked for a 100kg off road bike. It will not last if you use it for a bigger bike
  12. JohnnyM

    Easy Loader type trailer. Pros and cons? Who makes the best?

    As jy nie die bike op daai trailer kan opry nie moet jy eerder nie bike ry nie. LOL Die ding lê amper plat.
  13. JohnnyM

    Pictures that makes you wanna ride !

    From the KTM RALLY
  14. JohnnyM

    Dêm I want a set!!!

    I see broken subframes and footpads to start with! If you want a kwaad (doos karretjie) rather buy one and get it over with
  15. JohnnyM

    Easy Loader type trailer. Pros and cons? Who makes the best?

    The 2M Lazy Loader is one of the best, if not the best choice in bike trailers. I have owned a normal flatbed trailer before I upgraded to the Lazy loader. Yes the Lazy Loader is i bit heavier but it is so much stronger and once it is rolling behind the tow vehicle you don't feel it and it it...
  16. JohnnyM


    My old man ended in hospital for 6 months and ended with severe nerve damage in his hands, brain damage as a result of a "mishap" at a fully sanctioned event..........never raced again and subsequently passed away a couple of years later due to longterm issues directly related to the crash that...
  17. JohnnyM


    My family has been involved with racing off all sorts for as long as I can remember. My father and all 4 brothers. Track, endurance, drags, bikes, off-road bikes and the list goes on. (never rally, unfortunately and NEVER quads a.k.a. doos karretjies) I can pen a book on all the kak that goes...
  18. JohnnyM

    Back Firing On De-acceleration.....why?

    leaking exhaust that sucks in air and the exhaust gasses (unburnt fuel) ignites
  19. JohnnyM

    Bike Shed

    Just phoned FAST / ROC Harley in Alberton. The one they have on display is going for R30K delivered to your door. For an extra R2500 they will colour code it for you.