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  1. HotKlou

    Wanted KTM 690 Enduro Lever Set

    i guess that would be the best yes. 🤔 :ROFLMAO:
  2. HotKlou

    Wanted KTM 690 Enduro Lever Set

    Thanks for the offer. got a set shorties from Amazon for just over R800 delivered to my door.
  3. HotKlou

    Wanted KTM 690 Enduro Lever Set

    Thanks to Amazon.
  4. HotKlou

    Life in New Zealand - The move has been made...

    @silvrav , ek sien daars brande naby CHCH. naby julle? of is julle darem veilig?
  5. HotKlou

    Now this is a BMW I could live with!!

    kom hy saam 'n ploegskaar en eg?
  6. HotKlou

    KTM 690 - give it to me straight

    This!! @sidetrack , ek het self so 660Z soos jy gehad ... en die eerste paar trips op my 690 ry, flip ek hom amper. hoogte gewys is hy omtrent die selfde as wat my 660Z was, maar omdat die saal so bietjie smaller is en fiets ligter, pla dit nie veel nie. luggage wise gaan dit jou ook nie...
  7. HotKlou

    Pretoria Small Bike Rides, but all sizes welcome.... LOL....

    Maybe not on this ride, but definitely in future.
  8. HotKlou

    Sold Sold. Sold. 2005 KTM 950 adventure s 60000km R55 000 onco swop

    ja nee ... lyk my die manne daar in die verre ooste raak maar sag :unsure:
  9. HotKlou

    Wanted KTM 690 Enduro Lever Set

    I managed to snap my clutch lever and need to replace it. the thinking is to switch to shorties while i am at it. Looking for a set for my 690 Enduro (2016) all the dealers I managed to get response from seem to be out of stock. RAD has a clutch lever (original) for R940 @BSR Motorsports sent...
  10. HotKlou

    Help needed with plastics

    This is what I had to do. the wash/polish/head thing didn't do much. seems there is no easy and quick fix. If you want tat buy brand new plastics :D In the end, started with 60 grit and good old elbow grease. Then 400 to smooth things out a bit. Then water and 1000 grit to make it nice and...
  11. HotKlou

    Average ADV rider according to AI

    Maar die AI wys dan niks van die olie of tires wat die bra gebruik nie!!
  12. HotKlou

    Sold BMW Adventure Tent

    @73 Peanut ... this one might be a bit drier inside than your previous one :ROFLMAO:
  13. HotKlou

    2024 KTM ADV RALLY - Save the date

    Rather do a trip with @Hardy de Kock
  14. HotKlou

    2024 KTM ADV RALLY - Save the date

    Smaak my hulle probeer paar BMW ryers oor lok oranje kant toe met daai pryse en bly plek. Rally Raid lyk na ver beter opsie skielik
  15. HotKlou

    2024 KTM ADV RALLY - Save the date

    Lekker birthday naweek van my aan my :unsure:
  16. HotKlou

    Where has your bike taken you today?

    Good to see you riding again for a change
  17. HotKlou

    Oukloof - Our experience

    Mooi wereld daai. damn!
  18. HotKlou

    KTM 690 Enduro R luggage options

    or like I have done also ... make your own to your liking