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  1. captain jack

    Seen Spotted on WBC

  2. captain jack

    Seen Spotted on WBC

    Crf 250 Rally - clearance auction 55k with only 10 000km
  3. captain jack

    Birds of South Africa

    found on ground two weeks ago. Its an olive thrush and had no problem feeding it. Pampers mince in gravy catfood is a winner. Dropping it off at a rewiilding place this weekend.
  4. captain jack

    Sudden loss of front tyre pressure?

    I came out to the bike after a lunch and the front was as flat as a pancake. I realised that the odd noise I'd been wondering about as I slowed down from 120 to 80 and then 60 through Franschoek had been the flat tyre. It must have lost pressure somewhere between Cape Town and Franchoek but I...
  5. captain jack

    2006 1200GS

    My first GS happened to be a 2006 1200. Back then the only big discussion points were. - the servo brakes and the price to repair IF they ever gave issues. But I think that is now nicely covered by jughead being available to do repairs rather than replacing via dealership. - changing diff oil...
  6. captain jack

    Sold 1997 Suzuki Djebel DR 250 XC

    How are they for tall riders?
  7. captain jack

    How many of You commute?

    i've reached the stage where i am actually enjoying my commute. I'm 90% on the bike and regret going in the car virtually immediately every time. I drop kids at school in the car at around 0725. get back home around 0730/35 and change to bike. and am at work at 0755. afternoon takes me 17...
  8. captain jack

    Vstrom 250SX opinions

    aah, my bad
  9. captain jack

    Vstrom 250SX opinions

    There is one on WBC with 115ki's on the clock, so no worries about reliability. Nice bikes for a commute and a bit of messing around.
  10. captain jack

    1300 GS BeeMwee.

    Looks fantastic. congrats.
  11. captain jack

    For Sale Honda 250 rally on WBC

    No affiliation, just a degree of want on my side.........
  12. captain jack

    For Sale Ducati 748

    Gorgeous bike. Photo's are terrible though and don't do it justice.
  13. captain jack

    Sold Sold. Sold. 2005 KTM 950 adventure s 60000km R55 000 onco swop

    I followed one in traffic this morning. That popping from the exhausts:love:
  14. captain jack

    Insurance after a mishap

    Ask them what is the max they will pay you out if you keep the bike. Then you can to the sums to see if it's worth your while to keep it.
  15. captain jack

    For Sale Does anyone know this bike at webuycars? BMW F800 GS

    not when I bought from them. They were next level organised and made traditional dealerships look old fashioned. all the T & C's are on their website including current admin costs, so there is nothing hidden at all.
  16. captain jack

    For Sale Does anyone know this bike at webuycars? BMW F800 GS

    Polokwane branch seems to often have the best priced bikes vs other branches. I've been tempted a couple of times. Consider a Suzuki 250 vstrom is 59k new, then a 800GS, even if ten years old, for the same price gets tempting:cool:
  17. captain jack

    Love Riding in Namibia ... I Did a Solo Winter Ride to Southern Namibia

    Lekker, thats what those big bikes are for👍
  18. captain jack

    Hertz South Africa / Cape !!!!

    Is my maths wrong? if it's ZAR 12k , then thats only $700 or so.