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    KTM Virgin ...

    I owned a GS many years ago, since then on 2 HP2's (also Boxer engine) and now also a 990. This is a very old debate, so I think I am in a position to give an alternative view. Just park for a minute the discussion what bike is best, and look into the designers "intent", or "Brief". Maybe it...
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    Western Cape Bash 2024. Ons Karoo Plaas. 12-14 April 2024

    @Hinksding het geluide gemaak van wil kom aan my..
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    Dunlop D 606 or Pirelli MT 21?

    My experience with the D606, based on one on a previous 501 and XRR650, both at the rear, is that the compound is quite hard - It should give good mileage but it doesn't "bite" as other softer tyres. (I actually ended up in a ditch in a offroad race with the 501 due to loss of traction... I...
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    Western Cape Bash 2024. Ons Karoo Plaas. 12-14 April 2024

    @Heimer, ek het jou 'n boodskap gestuur. Ek gaan LLTHB se bed oorneem - as hy net sy foon wil antwoord, en my vriend Hennie du Toit (Lang Hennie ) neem my kamp spot oor..
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    Looking for Chain Guide/fin/thing

    To add...I replaced the chain guard on my 2007 990 recently due to a clapping noize at low RPM. The pices that goes around the swing arm . Got the original from KTM CT. What a difference. Quite and smooth all the way.! Be cautious of a stronger might lead to damaging the swingarm ! The...
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    Sudden loss of front tyre pressure?

    On inspection of my flat front tube, I also noted a small fold in the tube, which weakened it. Tube was fitted by a dealer....
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    Sudden loss of front tyre pressure?

    Happened to me last year on my way from WARR. Front went flat in the Nuwekloof pas. I had to use both lanes through that little pass. Was on my first trip on the 990. Scary experience 😬 Gat af geskrik! KTM Paarl fitted a new tyre and tube the day before the trip. I saw that the lock nut on the...
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    Electro plating bolts, etc

    Hi, I need to derust and clean bolts. I remember somewhere on WD's somebody made a homemade setup. Can you direct me to the info please?
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    Noneking’s 990 thread

    What is the longer term solution to the sight glass blowing out? I bought my 2007 model with a 20c piece glued in with plastic steel. Coming to work today the 20c blew out as well - Not sure how many years it was in there.. I have a 2n hand brake master to fit, but want t know - based on...
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    Tenere 34L fettling

    Off topic... I remember not too long after final commissioning of Sasol 2&3 there was a complaint from the farming community that their fences are "disappearing" - it rusted away within a year or 2..
  11. J

    Tenere 34L fettling

    100%! It is a slow process after all! My DR was my commute in Sasolburg at the time, and the acid "rain" would have increased the rate by 1000%
  12. J

    Tenere 34L fettling Some info in the link. Aluminium is slightly higher up on the galvanic series, meaning it will oxidate at a higher rate. You can slow down the reaction by reducing the third element, namely a electrolyte. Ride it dry when washed...
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    Tenere 34L fettling

    I am also following this. My 2c's on S/steel bolts. S/steel increase the rate of galvanic corrosion in carbon steel. In other words, the carbon (or normal) steel loose electrons to the s/steel. It is a oxidation process, causing the steel to loose material in the form of rust. When a s/steel...
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    For Sale Husqvarna FX350

    Hi , My FX350 model 2021 is for sale. Hours +-60 hrs This is the ideal race, funduro and play bike. The FX has the best of the MX and enduro specs combined The 2021 models have the improved suspension and muffler - no need for expensive aftermarket. I never raced this one and now, after two...
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    KTM deurskynende tenks word bruin?

    Gauteng kry meestal SASOL petrol, wat histories 'n bietjie groter % alchol ingehad het as dit wat aan die kus te kry is. Met ons Raffinaderye wat nie meer funksioneer weet ek nie of dit nou nog die geval is. Dalk dra dit by tot die minder verkleuring in Gauteng? BV: Ek het jare gelede gewerk in...
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    KTM 990 Adv - making suspension longer

    Cockster, hy moet net reg wees! -
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    KTM 990 Adv - making suspension longer

    The Adventure seat feels 'n bit wider than the one on the R & S. I prefer the more comfort of the slightly wider seat at the moment. So, I did a test by sitting on the bike with different plank heights underneath the wheels, and the added 40 mm felt "right". I do not plan to do heavy rock...
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    BMW GSA1250 Balance

    Enigste wat ek kan an dink is dat die steering head bearings te styf is. As jy loop spoed nie in 'n reguit lyn gemaklik kan jy is dit die steering head bearings Of the ryer wat dit veroorsaak!;)
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    KTM 990 Adv - making suspension longer

    Hi, My bike is a 2007 ADVmodel and I have removed the suspension for Michael Peatzoldt to change the internals. Will be taking it from 210mm to 250mm. My question - If I lenghten the centre stand, will the normal spring arrangement be adequate to keep it in the up position? Thanks
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    Sorted Steering head bearing kit for KTM 990

    No stock in Paarl or Capetown KTM.. 2007 Adventure 990 Where should I be looking for a replacement kit? Thanks