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  1. wanadrift

    Back to the Roots

    Hi Hans Loved reading about your trip. The photo's are great......especially the ones with my bike in it :) Hope to see you in Munich next year Cheers, Neville
  2. wanadrift

    Nuwe XT 660 z Tenere Eienaar

    Baie geluk.....lyk soos myne se boetie.....ek het myne al vir agt jaar en is baie gelukkig....baie Suidelike Afrika lande gedoen sonder enige probleme
  3. wanadrift

    Touring Mozambique in November.

    I was fined in Moz because I didn't have reflector stickers on the front and back bumpers of my car. When I entered Moz a few months later on my bike I made sure to put reflector stickers on my bike, and for good measure also pasted a ZA sticker to my rear fender (NAM sticker for you I'd guess)...
  4. wanadrift

    Cape to cairo

    Hi. I'm leaving Jhb in January '23 as far as Lake Turkana and back if you're interested (And willing to delay your trip by two months). I'm also on a 660 Tenere. You mention up the West Coast....I take that as a West Coast SA, and not West Coast Africa? I'll also be riding in Europe from June to...
  5. wanadrift

    One-Stop Shopping

    Thanks for the info Luv2ride and Hedleyj, will check it out  :thumleft:
  6. wanadrift

    One-Stop Shopping

    Hi. I'm arriving in JHB this Friday (Nov 11), pick up my new-for-me XT660Z Tenere in Pretoria :deal: and head for Botswana on Monday morning  :ricky: I need to get lots of stuff before Sunday night and am hoping to be pointed to a one-stop shop in Pretoria. What I need: Clothing: Boots, Jacket...