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  1. LoopSoosStroop

    Cordless power tools

    @briv , is the riveter available as a stand alone? I don't need more batteries and changers. If so, can you quote me on one inc. delivery Randburg?
  2. LoopSoosStroop

    Cordless power tools

    Ja dit maak baie sin
  3. LoopSoosStroop

    Cordless power tools

    This cordless grinder is a game changer - should have bought one ages ago.
  4. LoopSoosStroop

    Cordless power tools

    I've been faithfully using the yellow brushed Adendorffs cordless power tools for the last 5 years. Served me well and there are some advantages, they can actually repair the stuff. If out of warranty they send it in to the repair center and give you a call with a repair quote once they have...
  5. LoopSoosStroop

    The little WR we missed out on

    Is the WR250R fuel injected? If so its a no brainer, I'd take the FI water cooled bike. I owned a TTR250 and a CRF250RL and the ease of use of the Honda FI motor was incredible. These modern motors are magic. The TTR was probably the best carb fed vehicle I ever owned, but FI is king.
  6. LoopSoosStroop

    The little WR we missed out on

    The CRF250L has just been replaced with the 300, not withdrawn, and it's available and selling on dealer floors as we speak.
  7. LoopSoosStroop

    Re: Captain Zef's in Michigan USA

    The Netherlands was also very safe in 1938.
  8. LoopSoosStroop

    Pricing! Where is it going?

    Ja Builders dink 25kg chloor teen R1350 is 'n "special".
  9. LoopSoosStroop

    Auf geht's nach Deutschland 🇩🇪

    Ek verstaan nie Duits nie maar selfs ek voel uitgek@k as ek daardie boete probeer lees
  10. LoopSoosStroop

    Does anyone here know bike mechanic Johan Nel in Kimberley?

    Dis partykeer so baie werk en admin om te scam, hulle kan netsowel 'n regte werk kry.
  11. LoopSoosStroop

    Auf geht's nach Deutschland 🇩🇪

    Altyd. Ek was actually al in Duisterland, ook in die winter. My ervaring daar was effe depresief.
  12. LoopSoosStroop

    Auf geht's nach Deutschland 🇩🇪

    Lyk na 'n k@k plek daai
  13. LoopSoosStroop

    Driving Tired - a Tale of Utter Stupidity

    Hierdie werk regtig. Ek stop vir 30 min by 'n vulstasie, trek sitplek terug en plat en rus net my oe. Selfs al slaap jy nie regtig nie fix daardie 30 min jou vir 'n lang ent daarna.
  14. LoopSoosStroop

    CRF300 Rally thread

    I hate this thread
  15. LoopSoosStroop

    A classic mini clubman, and time on my hands.

    Jammer van die Mini, maar andersins is dit alles bleddie cool!
  16. LoopSoosStroop

    Can this be welded?

    I would grind and fill and put a 6x15 mm alu strap around the outside also welded to the swingarm.
  17. LoopSoosStroop

    Has your bike ever left you stranded on the trail ?

    Flywheel/rotor came loose and shifted slightly on crank on DR600. 10 km from home after a 1500 km trip though Lesotho. Got a lift home from a passer by with a bakkie. Took me weeks to find the fault.
  18. LoopSoosStroop

    Re: Captain Zef's in Michigan USA

    Sjoe, dis 'n pragtige plek
  19. LoopSoosStroop

    L or Rally 300 circa 2023

    For me: Rally. Looks and wind protection.