Gas Gas 300 EC 2006 rebuild

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DR BIG 750

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Jun 12, 2010
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Suzuki DR 750S Big
Been wanting a 300 smoker for a while now, found a 300 Gas Gas, looked ok so I bought it, unfortunatly when I pulled it apart for a clean to service it there were many surprises. So will strip it down to frame and rebuild. Spares are not readily available hope I can find most locally. This 06 model was pre the KTM affiliation this is a Spaniard. the bike is nicely specced with oe stuff as std,
. I was told it has issue with the kick starter and a missing side cover. , turns out to be a whole lot more. So the build begins.
Please share any expieriences you guys have with these machines, especially if you have parts lying around.
One good thing is it runs nicely. when I drained the of fuel out the fuel was so old and vrot I dont think it would have ignited on an open flame... the at least the compression is good to fire up that old fluid. this how it started


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