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Apr 8, 2022
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BMW F650GS / Dakar
Hi All

So been riding with my mobile using google maps and a few other maps but find it pain especially when I have preplanned and plotted routes I want to ride.

Had a Garmin Nuvi 1490 stacked away and dug it out today to start using again on bike. Although not the ideal Zumo screen it would fore fill the purpose for now.

Long story short , I realize the Maps are outdated with 4years and try to update the maps via garmin express software. Tells me it would cost me R800. Before I pull the trigger on this
I call up NavWord JHB and the guy at the other end tells me that he can do the latest and greatest maps for this model at R200. I order a universal ram knock-off only and Obviously I take a drive there the next dat at a R600 saving, only to find out that it was a total waste. The guy had no clue and as per him he heard another Nuvi model over the phone.

To come to the point now, I have a perfectly working Garmin Nuvi that is worthless now as per NavWorld due to no Garmin maps available for these anymore. They did conveniently offer to sell me tracks4africa and a new garmin and take my current nuvi as trade in at R100 discount. Rather pissed that I have a Garmin that can only be used for T4A and nothing else but more so the chop that got my hopes up. Bracket mount being delivered tomorrow :(

What options do I have. Installed some open source maps and a old version on T4A I had and tested it but it doesn't work so well. Rather outdated. What options do I have? Fork out for new one and chuck old one? Just feels wrong.


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