Pretoria Small Bike Rides, but all sizes welcome.... LOL....

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Aug 2, 2008
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BMW R1200GS Adventure
Not sure if there is already a thread / group / whatever for Pretoria rides, if so, then please merge or ignore this one!

Now that I have a small bike again (Voge300Rally) I am getting back into doing more regular riding around the Pretoria area. I used to do tons of these rides with my X-Challenge before I went overseas in 2012, so I am quite a bit rusty and the tracks are a bit foggy in my mind, but I am sure I will find them eventually again.

This Sunday (11 Feb) I want to do the railway line, starting from the Engen on the R21 South, and ending up at Rosemary Hill or the Cowhouse Brewery, I guess about 70km to 80km, but not sure. I am also not 100% sure of the route as I last did this full route in 2011! I did some parts of it recently, but not the whole thing.

I say small bikes, but all bikes are welcome, just don't be a doos when I go at 80kph because my little 300 cannot go any faster at the moment! :cool:
It is going to be muddy so if you are comfortable with a big bike in the mud, please join!

I am thinking of meeting at 07:30 at the Engen R21 South, then we go at 07:45.

Any interest?