Small adventure shootout: KTM 390 v BMW 310 v Honda 500


Race Dog
Aug 31, 2009
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So this was a gas.

Thankfully, smaller adventure bikes (500cc and less) are becoming more popular in SA. Thank goodness, because the alternative is not riding motorcycles and that indeed would be tragic.

At the end of last year, Honda SA introduced the CB500X to the smaller bike fray, so we thought we would put it up against its two biggest rivals – the KTM 390 Adventure (spoked wheels) and a BMW G310GS Rallye – to see how it stacks up. We also invited our two friends, Skinny and Vincent, to join us – Skinny because she's been a proponent of the smaller adventure motorcycle for some time, and Vincent because he's quite new to motorcycling, and young so fits into the sort of buyer we want to attract to motorcycling with these bikes. And, because he's young, we made him do all the stuff we didn't feel like doing. Overall, everyone is happy.


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