Where my biking started - race rep 400's - the GSXR and a shed ... now VFR


Grumpy Mutt
Jan 30, 2006
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So since I was young I always wanted a bike, my friend had a QR50 and I used to ride that little bike whenever I went to visit. My dad only bought me a bike when I turned 17 and here we are talking mid 90's. Back then when the Rand still had some value a lot of bike shops would bring in containers full of Japanese "grey bikes" mostly 250 2T's and 400 4T race reps. I owned a RD350LC,TZR125, RGV250 (VJ22 and 23), CBR400 NC23, VFR400 NC30, RVF400 NC35, ZXR400H, Bandit 400. Ah the good times how I loved those little screamers. After looking for something to keep me busy I decided enough of the DS bikes for now lets go back in time and look for a race rep. Now as anyone will know this is not a very good idea as 1. my budget was very low 2. almost all those bikes were ridden by youths like me who did not have R5 for maintenance or even bothered to check the oil level all this while screaming it at 12000rpm everyday. So low and behold a 1988 GSXR 400 GK73a popped up. I have never owned a GSXR but love those 750/1100 looks and the price was cheap. I know this will most likely end in frustration but hey lets see what we can do  :lol8: