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Wanted Adventure bike wanted

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Jun 1, 2010
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Hi folks. My Brother in law is coming to SA for the month of November. The plan is to do a bit of riding while he is here. I sold my other bike so will be needing a small adventure bike for him to ride.
The plan is to buy the bike for him, register it in my name and do what ever servicing is needed before he gets here. Then once he leaves for home again. He can either sell it on again to get his money back, or he might decided to keep it for the next trip out here.

The bikes we have in mind for him to ride are as follows.
suzuki -DRZ400
Honda XR650L
Honda CRF450
KTM 640 LC4
Husqvarna 501

2005-2023 models

Basically a light weight adventure bike with a happy button. A kickstarer as a backup is always handy to have. Although only a few bikes ever had that option. The bike has to be road legal with paperwok in order. Has to be mechanically sound. We will be riding into remote area's so it has to be reliable. A long range tank is a plus but not essential. A range of about 250kms at a minimum. A luggage rack/pannier rack for soft luggage
I don't know what the budget is. I guess it will depend on the bike.

If anyone has something like this, please get in touch. My number is 08for fiv2fiv6 fiv06. Please whatsapp me anytime, and feel free to send plenty of decent photos of your bike.
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