Adventure helmets......just an image thing?

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Pack Dog
Feb 27, 2022
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For a reason that's not important I ended up riding my adventure bike with my full face helmet today and amazingly it made quite a nice change. I felt a bit like a dork (and probably looked like one) but it got me thinking.
Why do we actually wear adventure helmets? I know it looks cool and we feel cool with our latest helmet that Itchy Boots wears and it makes us look like dirt road warriors, but really, are they necessary?
Case in point, I live in the Cape and the wind can blow your head of your shoulders walking down the street. Then I climb on a big adventure bike and do 100km/h and the wind can quite easily be a 40km/h cross wind blowing striaght into the parachute I call a peak on my helmet.
I know the peak helps with a low sun etc and yes, some are quiter than others but the lack of wind noise, turbulance and the less forces acting on your neck of the full face surely outweigh the benefits of a peak.
Are we all just followers of fashion or do you think adventure helmets are a definite "must have"?
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