B2R Specialized Adventure Bike Insurance Product

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Apr 8, 2024
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Hello all Wilddogs!

So, after much research and fine-tuning our B2R product is up and running.

And we are pleased to be able to launch it here as the vendor B2R, which stands for “Built 2 Ride”.

The QR code will direct you to the website which we think is comprehensive and detailed as it relates to our product, cover and various offerings that form part of B2R.

Points to note:
  • The insurer backing the product is OMI (Old Mutual Insure)
  • The rates vary from 2% (best) to 2.7% (worst) annually. Depending on claims history
  • Your base rate will be calculated as follows: The value of your adventure bike (including extras) multiplied by the rate. That sum is divided by 12 to show the monthly premium, excluding any additional covers selected. E.g. R200 000.00 X 2% = R4000.00/12 = R333.33/month
  • There are no broker or admin fees applicable
  • Roadside assistance is compulsory @ R66.97 monthly
  • SASRIA is compulsory
  • We will do detailed quotes for all those who enquire
Kindly see leaflets below for more information.

We will also gladly answer any questions here for the benefit of all members.

My name is Nikki and @StefanieB2R from B2R is also a member here and a product specialist.


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