knife on bike for safety

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Pack Dog
Jan 29, 2024
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Protea Heights Brackenfell Cape Town Western Cape
Honda CRF 300L
Hey guys

So i use my bike to commute daily and i work in a dodgy area (Bellville South) for those that know Cape Town

I used to just have a folding knife in my car just incase as many of the people that work here and walk etc have been mugged etc

I was wondering if anyone carries a knife on their bike and if so how is it mounted? I could do in my pocket however that doesnt seem to safe or easy to reach incase of emergency.

I was thinking of mounting a fixedblade to the bike. Its not to get involved in knife fights hahaha its just for if someone wants to rob/hijack me i can scare them off by pulling out a knife.

Let me know what you dogs think