Thin, lightweight rain cover/layer/jacket. Does this exist?

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Grey Hound
Nov 28, 2013
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Husqvarna (all models)
I have been using the good old Builders Warehouse worker rainsuit or my Goretex gear until now...But the BMW Enduroguard jacket doesn't really cut it if the temps are over like 28deg. (It's an amazing jacket, just more for cold and rain, not hot and rain. I've ridden all day in the rain with it though and it's BRILLIANT).

I'm using my Klim pants now, which are waterproof, but want something quick and lightweight to chuck over my jacket if it rains. The Builders jacket works, but it's thick and heavy and hot and you look like a traffic cone and doesn't pack THAT small either. Some of the better jackets come with a light weight over layer that you can chuck over the jacket quick if it rains....But finding the same thing as a stand alone item is proving really difficult to find.

I was thinking the MX rain jackets, but most of them have big mesh sections under the arms that obviously won't do in proper rain.

Does what I'm looking for exist?