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For Sale 2022 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

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Aug 8, 2008
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KTM 1290 Adventure R
So, the reason for sale is a bit of a weird one, so let me start with some background.

Few years back, I commuted by bike and used bikes everyday, then I had kids and also started my own business and worked from home.

So, I only then did one small trip (2 days) and one big trip (8-9 days) per year with 2 great riding buddies.

So fast forward to today and the reason for sale…😳. The one riding buddy had a relationship with the other riding buddy’s wife..😱😬.

So, our riding group is in sy moer in..😢. And I was already planning this years long trip when the shocking news broke.

So, I have one of few choices:
1. Get new riding buddies (have no other bike riding close friends)
2. Let the bike stand in the garage and use it from time to time for short trips and bread runs.
3. Tour alone (highly unlikely as I am a social person and don’t enjoy solo trips).
4. Sell my bike and buy again when circumstances changed / when kids are out of the school and me and the wife can tour again.

So, the bike:
2022 KTM 1290R.
Did one tour end of November 2022 (8 days) and one tour in Feb (3 days).
Around 4500km on the clock
Crashbars, pannier frames, wings exhaust (have stock can as well), tech pack (rally mode..😍), rally pegs (recently fitted, not on photo’s), frame protection.
Full service history
All spare keys, booklets etc.. included.
No smileys
No crashes
One small scratch on the crashbar from when the bikes were on a trailer last year November and they touched slightly when loaded on the trailer.
2 x sets of tires. One brand new set that the bike came with. One used knobbly set currently on the bike.
Price: R300,000


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