Lane splitting ethics

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Race Dog
Feb 26, 2013
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Fish Hoek
KTM 990 Adventure
My rant for the day...
Dear okes who are going through a midlife crisis and is buying a 1200/1250/1300. Please go and learn your bike's handling before lane-splitting as a commuter.

You see, the problem is that you are not only holding up bike traffic while you wobble between two cagers at their speed, you are putting the rest of the bikes behind you at risk too. let me assist with a small list to help you:
1. Take off your paniers. We all know you bought the biggest you can find and it makes you you look real rough and tough, but rather put your lunchbox in your top box and bêre them until you go for a trip to Sutherland. You are just going to battle to get the GSA through traffic.
2. Leave your hazards off. There is nothing that screams "NEWBIE" like hazards in traffic and no-one knows which way you are turning.
3. Look in your bloody mirrors. If you see a string of bikes behind you, it doesn't mean we think of you as " Captain, my captain". You might be the CEO of your company, but you really only a big box in traffic. When there's an opening, just pull to the side and let the rest of the bikes pass.
If you can't/won't do this, rather get in your Fortuner - you will have the same ease of lane splitting.

Rant over