Mozambique advice

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Andy 950

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Dec 10, 2007
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KTM 950 Adventure
My girlfriend and I are planning to fly from Joburg to Inhambane for a short holiday (10 nights) in August.

Some advice from the Moz experts will be greatly appreciated. I can't find much on the interwebs, some things seem misleading, or I'm too dof to...

  • Is it worth renting a car or are there shuttle services.
  • For such a short time is it worth going to Vilankulos and the islands for a few days?
  • We're looking to go snorkeling a bit, any advice? Where, what to do and what to avoid?
  • I know etc, but perhaps some advice on a lekke place to stay. Just 2 people.
  • Perhaps there is accommodation to avoid?
  • Any other tips for off the beaten track interesting things to do.
Thank you, dankie!!