Father and Daughter Sunday drive!!!

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Aug 12, 2011
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So, this morning I get woken up by the wife demanding me that I must just have to take my daughter for a ride on the bike....
even if it is just around the block to get rid of her boredom!!!

I was still recovering from a hectic nightshift week, but with not too much effort, after the demand, I was showered and
ready to ride!!!
So, the Idea was just to take the first gravel road closest to town and stop for a coffee and something to eat along the route!!







As we were about to kit up, and ready to leave, I hear this voice from behind my back asking, "I see you have a Wilddog Sticker, are you Forum Member?"

So, there myself and @Patman have the honor of greeting each other off the Forum, at a Padstal, randomly. Was a great pleasure meeting you and sharing a quick chat, hope your journey back home was pleasant and safe!!! Hope we meet again!!!

So off we go, my daughter and I, onto the Bluecliff gravel road heading down to Addo....

Not too many photos taken from here, but at Colechester I showed her the old Mackay Bridge, which is actually closed off, but I was able go around the
excuses of the barriers put in place, but happy for that though...

From there we ended up at Grunters which normally be my beer stop if I am in the area passing by, but I settled for a Coffee Milkshake!!!



Then we decided that we will go from there and visit Grandma in Port Elizabeth, before heading back home in Uitenhage.

As we entered Uitenhage, I really wanted to end the day memorable for her. She always has been riding motorcycle since
she was little starting off on an electric scooter, PW80, Bigboy125 Big Wheel Pit bike and the last few years on her roadworthy
Honda CRF230F.
She has a sense for riding motorcycle and absolutely loves it. About a month ago on a trip we did to Cape Town, she asked me,
"Dad, when can I ride your motorcycle?" I was a bit caught off guard and said, "I'll take you 1 day to grassy area with the 1200, and
if you can picker the bike up, you can ride it!!" You should have seen that smile.... left it there and never spoke about till today!

As we approached home, it popped up in my mind what we talked about in CT.... Off I turn away from home to a local park with Green Grass

Promises are promises and off she go!!!
With a bit of preaching, Go slow, if you fall, don't try to stop it from falling, tuck and roll away,. Don't tell your mom...
All to the 'Ja Paaaa" answers, typical 16 year old!

Gave some refreshers, where is the brakes, clutch and throttle, I was not even finnished talking, seeing her feeling where the clutch takes, before I
can say OK, go slow... off she went with no hesitation, like she have been riding it "skelm" for a long time!!!
Nevertheless, I am super proud of her having the courage doing it... now I have to lock my keys away when I am not home... lol

Being a proud dad, I took the chance to show the wife what my daughter was up to, being dumbstruck for a while but eventually took in how much
it took to pick that bike up!!!
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