KTM diagnostic - OBD-II cable (TuneECU / etc) howto & questions for the guru's

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Mar 2, 2014
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KTM 990 Adventure
So - this post is 2 part. First of all the cheap progress I made to allow TuneECU etc to connect... second of all some questions for the guru's out there  :thumleft:

So, I finally got to figuring this out. I think I achieved most of what I wanted to for a fraction of the cost or a TuneECU cable kit....

I sourced a female OBD-II connector from a local supplier... with a dust-cover for if I should ever leave the port without anything in, and plenty pins to populate the plug... I think all in all it cost under R100 (I'd need to go look through invoices - I've had these bits lying around for about 2 years now... lol).
and I plugged a bluetooth OBD-II reader into that, which I had from previous cars and

First thing was to try figure out the pin-outs, which are on the TuneECU website

I tried to keep the cable colours as close as possible with the wires I had around the garage... my original cable:

I attempted to follow that - but in my specific case, I couldnt get TuneECU or Torque to connect to the ECU... so I decided to fiddle the cables a bit. I googled OBDII pin-outs, and moved the negative cable from chassis negative to what looked like it was signal negative... did the testing just pushing cables into my existing diagnostic cable and praying I didnt cook the ECU...

At the end of the day the negative pin just needed to move 1 across before I could connect. The cables in the back of the OBD-II connector in its working layout ended up like this:

Once I had the cables figured out... I spliced the cables into my existing harness... soldered into place, isolated with heat-shrink... much neater... Plus my KTM diagnostic port remains in tact in case I need a dealer to plug in and check things...

and as you can see, I can connect....

Right... so... having said that.... I cannot for the life of me get Torque to see the ECU.... and the main reason I wanted to get this going is to set it up that Torque connects and logs automatically.... hopefully getting much more sensor information back that what I am getting from TuneECU....
So far - I am not happy at all with the lack of information from TuneECU on Android... especially at the cost...
I haven't yet looked at the PC version... and don't have a physical USB OBDII cable to see if that perhaps gives me more information....

So this is where I ask the TuneECU / OBD / Torque guru's out there....

  • Has anyone managed to get Torque to connect on Android?
  • Are there any other ECU logging apps that anyone can suggest?
  • Are there any TuneECU guru's out there that could give me a crash  course on getting more out of the added connectivity that I now have?
  • Is there anyone out there with tried and tested maps for a 990 with BMC filter and after market pipes? or someone with the know-how to tinker with the maps with some degree of safety?
  • There is another 2 cable plug that splices into the diagnostic harness... one cable is the K-Line cable that goes to the ECU, and the other is a grey cable.... How do I find out what they grey cable actually is?