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DEON 1190

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Sep 5, 2018
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KTM 1190 Adventure
As we all know there is not much to say on a all tar trip , but there is always a bit of a story to share of things leading up to hitting the road on the decided day .

My long time partner has has a wish to retire at the coast with an idea to see the sea , So in August she packed her car and headed down to Mosselbay , booked into a guest house and started looking for a house to buy , this took time but eventually she bought . Hoped that she could move in before xmas and that we could spend time in her new place , but things did not turn out that way .
I planned to go down by bike , and initially would do it in one hard butt ride , this was then seen as crazy and a two day ride with a pitstop was decided on , I was to leave home on the 22 nd and then with a early departure on the 23 be there mid morning .
I booked a room At the KARROO INN Middelburg a nice 700 k ride , left early on Friday and arrived in Mosselbay at 10 in the morning , a very bad accident on Potjiesberg pass , slowed me down , head-on , with 2 diseased , Arrived safe .

Product report
Some month ago i fitted a new rear tyre ( KENDA BIG BLOCK PAVER) did a ride to clarence with it and it seemed ok , then the weekend before I left I got caught in some rain and the tyre acted badly , it would loose traction under hard acceleration , spinning but not stepping out , concerned I wanted to fit another tyre . ended up not doing it as I just fitted a front for the same reason , thing it would not make the trip , here I on recommendation I fitted a MOTOZ TRACTIONATOR GPS . Heading into the mountain passes I was hesitant , rear tire with possible traction los , front more suited to dirt , I was pleasantly surprized , front tracked well and rear did not loose traction , confidence restored I pushed it down Montague pass , enjoying the corners , and being careful not the catch a pannier on the tar ;) .

Motul bike cleaning products
I bought some helmet cleaner and a bottle of bug cleaner made by Motul , I have used the helmet/visor cleaner before , and like the product , it works well , I also bought some bug cleaner , ended not taking it with as I was worried the bottle could leak , used it on my return and the bugs just melted off, very impressed with it .
The night before I left I had a quick xmas dinner with my son , and he gave me some Motul sample bottles of helmet cleaner and a bike wash and wax . the WASH & WAX really impressed me , Yes I wash my bike on trips , and the wax was a bonus in making the bike shine , Will get the normal size one for future use .
last thing was a handle bar bag , here I could not find something that I liked in the time I had , and I was not sure how it would work . Last min idea , I had a small travel bag that I used when going to Mozambique to hide my cash in , I zip tied the bag to the bars , had a zip flap that could take my card , and have to admit it worked , so now I can restart the idea of finding a bag to fit the handlebar .
Chain lube is a must on any long ride , many option available , I took the SPANYAARD chain & linkage spray , it does fling off and make a mess , but the chain runs smooth . easy to clean off .

Back to the ride home , Again decided on a two day trip , halfway to Colesberg on the 1st and home on the 2nd , left Mosselbay at 10 in the morning , hot hot ride with temps over 30 degrees , butt taking strain, but figured if I sit on the rear seat ala weight back dirt style numb bum will get a rest , it worked and I could also duck a bit under the screen , :cool: 600 ks 5 hours . woke up at 2 am and decide to get up and go , now I know its not recommended to ride at night , but I thought why not try , I have a nice set of spots on the bike, making visibility ok .filled up and was on my way by 2.30 am , road was very quite and with the spots on could see well, traveling at just over 110 kph for a while and then slowly pushing up the pace , to my 140 kph cruising speed . Closing in on Bloemfontein I was comfortably doing 160🤭. and slowing down to the legal limit felt like I had the brakes on . I know .....
With very little traffic on the N1 i was home by 7 am .
I love the long rides , but have decided that visiting my partner in the future I will be flying down , 2 hours vs 2 days for about the same cost , is a way better idea and I will be spending more time with her .

Fuel consumption
On the trip down I filled up in Alberton , then in Venterburg , Trompsburg , Middelburg , Willowmore . used about R1500.00 average about 18kilos per litre
On the trip back I filled up in Heiderant , then in Willomore , Graafreinette , Colesberg , Bloemfontein , Ventersburg and got a low fuel warning coming down the hill at Bedfordview , have about 20 ks to empty . average 15 kilos per litre , but pace was high , so payed the price , 600 kilos in 4.5 hours . R2000.00 petrol used .