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Wanted SORTED, THX. - Offroad for a youngster

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Pack Dog
Jul 31, 2011
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BMW R1200GS Adventure
I have a youngster (20yrs) in my complex, Edenvale, who is crazy about riding his bike.....we started riding on weekends (me on my 800gs and him on his Yamaha BWS 100 scooter, he refers to his bike as the B-wizz). He is the grandson of late Butch Hirsch, the KTM legend who put KTM on the map in RSA. He is still upcoming and I would really like to help him get a set of wheels he can enjoy the outrides with and am looking for preferably a 4 stroke 200/250 with a headlight for riding to the areas he would like to go to and be < R22k (My budget). Maybe a KTM, WR, CRF, .... . Should you have something standing around in this price range please let me know.