Stolen bikes Alert!

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Feb 11, 2020
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Honda XR650L
It was the morning of the 9th Feb 2024 on which I discovered my broken motor gate and broken and open garage doors. I was the latest victim of a motorcycle theft syndicate in Elarduspark, PTA East.
They took my "owned from new" 2007 YZ450 garage ornament, and my 2019 KTM Adventure R (Redbull Branded) I got last year November. The YZ was deregistered and not specified on my insurance , I have put in a claim though, we'll see...
After getting quotes for the extras on the KTM for the claim(and discovering all the hidden upgrades) I'm was about 30k under-insured on that.

I did:
1. Have the bikes sleeping safely in a locked garage, under a motion sensor, behind a locked motor gate(proved to be no hindrance at all).Dogs, motion lights ect.
2. Take notice of weirdos and unknown vehicles in my street, at shopping centres(Castle Gate) people hovering around the bike parking.
3. Had faith in my security setup, armed response and security company and their presense in our neighborhood
4. Think it wouldn't happen to me

I should have :
1. Made sure my insurance was accurate and updated to the last cent worth of upgrades.
2. Should have sold my 1 + n bikes when my wife told me to
3. Had done the upgrades to my security like I intended for so long (Which included chaining the bikes to the garage floor, and installing proper motion sensors)
4. Noticed the abundant warning signs: My friends GS650 got taken last year Oct. My neighbor foiled an attempt on his bikes around the same time. Another's bike got hijacked in our neiborhood Nov last year..

Anyways, lessons learned, pockets emptied, and heart still broken.