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Oct 19, 2008
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Its often that I sit and think about bucket list rides.

When I sit and think about these rides that I intend to do before i die my brain gets flooded with everything I need to do.. my mind goes into overdrive with everything that needs to get planned.. after all, ill be going to a different country, there are customs, cultures and a different language to overcome.. then the worry.. where do i get a bike? will it be reliable? what do i eat? how do i start planning a route? will the acommodation be as advertised or will it be a photo on the internet from 6 years ago?? and it looks NOTHING like the pic now? as a tourist what recourse do I have? what happens if i fall and get hurt?

Aint nobody got time for that.

But, and there is always a BUT.. when I looked at some of the adventures being advertised I nearly died.. I'm sorry, you want HOW MUCH? as an adventure rider I have always just done things myself, and when its Africa its easy, but some destinations not so much.So these trips need to be affordable and good value for money.

So I started investigating, researching, planning a tour in Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, laos.. you name it.. and started looking at ways to make it affordable.. that time has come.

Elton who is also a WD member will be relocating to Bali on a permanent basis to do tours in and around Bali, he will be running the tours along with the backup vehicle and tour guides, personally get the bikes in shape and go through every hotel room before arrival.

Here is the offer.

Who's up for exploring jungles, temples, volcanoes, forests, beaches of Bali on bikes?

• Trip is 10 days with 8 days riding. Optional 2 days of fully off-road riding is available for those wanting to explore forests trails, jungles footpaths, beaches and riding inside volcano crater on black volcanic sand
• Bikes included is KLX150 however option to upgrade to KLX250 exists for those wanting it. After big adventure bikes, it may seem to small to enjoy but it’s the perfect bike for the roads, routes, terrain and traffic of Bali
• Route will take us all over the central, northern, eastern and back to the southern part of Bali taking in various temples, rice terraces, natural wonders (lakes, water falls, volcano etc.).
• Riding is tar, dirt, clay, paved on roads, back roads as well the “motorcycle highways” that run all over the mountains and valleys linking villagers where most don’t have cars only bikes.

I have been to Bali 4 times, the route we are following is a mix of the 3 trips I have done previously taking in the best of those trips. There will be a support vehicle to carry luggage so we are free to play and enjoy the scenery and incredible roads the rise and fall through valleys and forests. I will schedule 3 more trips in the year based on the feedback and applied changes so the “recon” trip is going to be fun as we shape out the best parts and explore all the hidden parts of Bali that most don’t see when stuck in the resorts and hotels of the tourist filled southern part.

First run will be 2 March 2018 . I’m finalizing pricing as I negotiate with rental companies and hotels but aim to keep it at my initial budget of R 22,000 per person sharing.

It includes:

• bike rental,
• attractions along route
• hotels
• meals
• support vehicle
• fuel

Does not include:

• flights
• optional 2 day pure off-road riding
• visa costs (South Africans get free visa on arrival)
• drinks
• gratuities
• gifts
• Any activities not included in the tour

For those wanting to stay on in Bali or Indonesia after tour ends, there is option to see the Komodo dragons, do some diving, go to Yogyakarta to see temples of Prambanan and Borobudur. Do you think you have clients that would want to take part In this adventure? Im limiting first trip to 8 people max

Anyone can contact myself or Elton for further info..

Elton Wilmot
+27 (72) 449 0256
+27 (64) 511 7390
Skype: eltonwilmot

Fuzzy 0824441421