A classic mini clubman, and time on my hands.

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Apr 11, 2013
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KTM 690 Adventure
Now, when I say "time on my hands" I mean it's actually going to take a LOT of time to get through this build. I'm no mechanic, I've redone a bike engine or two but mechanical work is strictly a hobby for me... albeit one that I enjoy.

So, why embark on this? I did not come across a barnfind which I simply "had to have" or anything, I specifically went out and looked for this car. It's all @woody1's fault. You see, his thread on restoring a Deek (https://wilddog.net.za/threads/giving-a-1956-deek-a-new-life.268536/) and me helping him build an electronic ignition for it somehow lit a fire in me. Having worked in automotive electronics for a few decades now, and building woody's ignition made me want to explore the building of my own complete ECU system. Fuel injection, drive by wire, the works. And for this I needed a base to start on. That's why I looked for an already-running car that is as basic as they come.

Enter the mini.

I've already grown fond of this little thing on the drive home, hell it was fun. So now I'm already considering a complete strip-down and rebuild. This means it's going to take lots of time and money before I even get to the ECU part.

But it'll be worth it. I'm looking forward to this project. Fair warning, though, updates will be as fast as the rate of incoming funds... slow!

Some "before" pics.

This is Iris, doing what I should be doing while on leave, instead of messing around with old cars.

So this is AmaPoertjie. My bakkie is called AmaPoerPoer, I thought AmaPoertjie will be the most suitable for this one.

It's not much to look at... yet. But at least there's no oil leaks. And yes I checked, there's oil in the engine.

Of course, any advice from those more knowledgeable than me (i.e., most of you) will be most appreciated... except advice that says "don't do it" 🤪

Ok, here we go.