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DEON 1190

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Sep 5, 2018
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KTM 1190 Adventure
Just thinking , I am going to ride down to Mossel bay in three weeks time , by this time I should be closing in on Willowmore . I have more or less chopped up my ride into 270 km bites , with first breakfast stop in Venters burg , then a milkshake at Tromps burg , with a overnight stop in Middelburg .
Problem is that I plan to depart around 5.30 in the morning to try and miss some of the traffic , maybe earlier as on previous trips down there is always a Q at the Kroon plaza. after this a nice run , and again a bit of back up at the Verkeerde vlei plaza . After these roadblocks , its a open run .
Jest of my post is that if I let the big dogs run , I can kill the 800 odd ks to Middleburg in 7-8 hours. But then I arrive at the hotel way to early , and not keen on drinking alone . I will need to waste a bit more time . I am planning 2 stops , breakfast , and a drink stop , with maybe a lunch stop in Coles burg could work in my favour .
What would you guys suggest doing on a solo ride , and needing to not arrive at pitstop destination to early . is there things one must see along the road ?
I am a "red mist" rider . hammer down and go , stop for fuel only and maybe a P break if required , for this if the need is huge , stop on side of road works as well .

But lets say , I make it to breakfast in 2 hrs , thats just after 7 am . spend an hr , Trompsburg in another 2 hr , makes it 10 am , spend an hr , leave and be in Colesburg before 12 . Where does one have a great lunch in Colesburg? not keen on Garage diners if there are other options .

On the 23 I ride the 2nd half , also planning a early departure , with a fuel stop in Wilowmore , and possibly enjoy a breakfast , or plan B is to stop in Aberdeen and have breakfast at a suggested place if there is , going to check google . After this its a run down to final destination .
Please feel free to comment and make suggestions . I am looking forward to a nice ride down .