Southern Africa on a Honda CTX200 Bushlander

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Sep 20, 2013
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Trip Conclusion : 29,000 KM's, 9 Countries in 9 months.


Hi TechnomadicJim here. I've been getting some help for my trip from you guys and I have agreed to do a ride report so here we go.

Time : I have 3-9 months. (I arrived a month ago on the 25th September.)
Where : Southern Africa. Maybe up to Kenya but definitely South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.
What : Honda CTX 200 (AG Bushlander)

Here's my "Planning a ride" thread I started :
Here's my Big vs Small bike discussion in "General Bike Related Banter" :

I bought the Honda CTX 200 for 35,000 Rand (~£2150, ~€2500). Read the big vs small bike thread for more info on why I decided to go for the CTX. I'm keeping the bike mostly stock but I did visit PistonPete at Outriders and had some 50/50 enduro Mitas tyres put on the bike. I may tweak the back rack slightly to allow my luggage to sit lower.

I'm taking the bike on a short 2-3000km round trip of the garden route and route 62 as a test to make sure I'm prepared. This is where I shall begin my ride report :

Cape Point on my first day heading out with all my gear.
I started out from Cape Town and headed to Cape Point (see above pic) where I had 3 ostrich's running just in front of me. They can run! Next if followed the coast on to Onrus camp site. Spent a couple of nights there quite bored to be honest. Saw some whales. meh...

Onwards to Cape Agulhas to visit the obligatory most southern point of Africa. Was tempted to take the bike right up to the sign but there were a lot of tourists around so I just walked up.

I ended up in Swellendam where I spent 4 nights because it rained and I didn't fancy riding in it so I just holed up and got on with some work. Stayed at Nice place and you can camp or dorm bed it and have your bike parked safely round the back of the house next to your tent/dorm.

Next I headed to Mossel Bay for another obligatory tourist thing of shark cage diving. The sea was rough and I was very sea sick and ended up spewing over the side and feeding the little fish. I still managed to get some photo's and did get a suit on to go in the cage while they dragged a fish head in front of the sharks as they bashed into the cage. I'm not sure how humane it is really as I'm sure I saw some lacerations on the shark's noses possibly from the cage :/

After 3 nights I headed up to Oudtshoorn and sat on an Ostrich. Bit weird.

Today I drove the Swartberg pass.

And then descended into "The Hell" and what a great ride! Really awesome twisty roads and small river crossings. I truly christened the bike and cut my teeth on some good off road terrain. The little CTX really performed well.

Veldbrand said:
Good stuff Jim!
Please come visit if you're passing anywhere near Ladismith!!!

Casting from Turd said:
Yes yes. Welcome. You coming Addo way??

Two must stops on any trip through the cape  :thumleft:
Looking good! Was good meeting you. :thumleft: