Southern Africa on a Honda CTX200 Bushlander

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Sep 20, 2013
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Trip Conclusion : 29,000 KM's, 9 Countries in 9 months.


Hi TechnomadicJim here. I've been getting some help for my trip from you guys and I have agreed to do a ride report so here we go.

Time : I have 3-9 months. (I arrived a month ago on the 25th September.)
Where : Southern Africa. Maybe up to Kenya but definitely South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.
What : Honda CTX 200 (AG Bushlander)

Here's my "Planning a ride" thread I started :
Here's my Big vs Small bike discussion in "General Bike Related Banter" :

I bought the Honda CTX 200 for 35,000 Rand (~£2150, ~€2500). Read the big vs small bike thread for more info on why I decided to go for the CTX. I'm keeping the bike mostly stock but I did visit PistonPete at Outriders and had some 50/50 enduro Mitas tyres put on the bike. I may tweak the back rack slightly to allow my luggage to sit lower.

I'm taking the bike on a short 2-3000km round trip of the garden route and route 62 as a test to make sure I'm prepared. This is where I shall begin my ride report :

Cape Point on my first day heading out with all my gear.