While making plans…..

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Jan 31, 2006
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The bottom... and digging

We were sitting and enjoying a picture perfect day at the Blue Peter, fresh off an epic trip through the Karoo (Tjops in the Karoo). Still high on endorphins of days spent riding epic roads, the planning for this trip started.

After kicking a couple of ideas about, we settled on Sani Pass. Neither Biesie or I have ridden the pass, and it was a natural choice.

Fast forward a couple of months, and after more ad-hoc discussion, a plan was hatched. Biesie was to send his bike up to the big smoke, where we would embark on a 4 day trip which would include Sani pass up and down over easter.

Tasked with the route planning, and armed with basecamp and T4A, I set about planning a route. This route would include little tar, and very few straight roads.

Fouriesburg would be our first overnight stop, after which we will meander down to Underberg via Sterkfontein dam, skirting the Drakensburg. We would ride up and down sani the next day, heading to Winterton via Nottingham Road.

I was excited to show Biesie some of the roads I have traveled previously. Notably Golden Gate, Tintwa Pass, Nottingham Road and the area around the Midlands Meander. He has shown me so much of the Cape previously, and the bar has been set very high.

However, the last day’s route from Winterton, still remains unplanned.

It’s about 3 and a half weeks before the start of our trip. Accommodation has been booked, bikes serviced ( fork oil and headstock for me) and checked.

According to John Lennon, life happens while making plans. And this is an example of that sentiment.

On the 6th of march, on my way to see a supplier, I was knocked off my bike. An idiot in a rideshare vehicle drove straight in the turn-only lane to avoid the queue of cars. I was behind 2 busses that were driving side by side on Oxford road. As he pushed in behind me, he clipped my bike on the right rear. I got highsided at slow speed, and went sliding on the tar.

Winded, I eventually got up and switched off my still running bike. This idiot is out of the car shouting at me, why did I crash into him. He proceeded to tell me I must pay for the damage on his car.

This Is Africa….I was reminded of this, in the heart of Rosebank. I try and remain calm, explaining to him that he was at fault. He is having none of it, refuses to give me his details. I took a photo of him, and his license disc. After he tells me he doesn’t have Insurance, I tell him to leave in short jerky movements. I’m on my bike and out of there.

My Right shoulder is in agony, suspecting a collarbone fracture, I go report the incident at the copshop.

I eventually make it home. My front wheel is buckled as is the left disc . The rest of the damage is cosmetic. Lets hear it for upper crashbars.


My previous regret of spending money on an Alpinestars jacket got instantly erased as there is not a mark on me, and the jacket shows no signs of a slide, other than a R1 sized patch on my cuff.

I got checked out by the doc, and my x-rays are clear, no break, just muscle and ligaments.

There is still a glimmer of hope for the planned trip… If I can get my bike fixed.

The following week is spent with Insurance, which as you can imagine moves at what feels like slothspeed. I eventually make the call that the trip is off.

Making that call was incredibly crap. But there was just no way to get the bike sorted before the trip. Let alone the recovery time needed for my shoulder.

If you read this far, I’m sorry. This isn’t a ride report about awesome times in KZN and the Free State, with a hint of Lesotho .

……But stay tuned…..