Tjops in the Karoo

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Jan 31, 2006
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The bottom... and digging
I was in two minds about writing a report of my recent trip.

(Warning: I write as a form of catharsis, there are some photo’s along with lots of ramblings from a purely personal point of view.)

Today I’m feeling real low. Have not felt like this in a very long time. I have been suffering from depression my whole life, and only the last two years have I sought help, which was a life saver (no pun intended). The last while, I have been slowly but surely been regressing, and I will probably need to re-establish a connection with a professional going forward.

As I am sitting here post-insane deadline (SNAFU for this time of the year) I have been flipping through some photos on my phone.

I had a look at the pics I took on the trip, as well as some of the pics posted on the riders group, and I guess it inspired me to get this going. So here goes:

I was fortunate enough to have been invited for a weekend trip by my mate Biesie. Being based in the big smoke, travel time on a bike to get down to the cape and back up to JHB is always a constraint.

A plan was formulated, which meant some air travel and a hired bike.

The time from finalizing plans, to the actual first day of travel always goes far too slowly.

The broad plan was, fly down Friday, ride to our first stop-over in the afternoon, ride Saturday and Sunday, fly back home Monday.

Leave was approved (Both work and home) and all was golden.

I don’t really have a format of this report in mind, and I’m just jotting stuff down as I remember.

(The photos will start shortly; I am sorry that I write so much nonsense)


Fairly bumpy flight from Lanseria.

Got picked up from the Airport by Biesie. We have to go and collect the hired bike in Ta’ble-vu

This bike will be lovingly known as Terminator for the duration of the trip.


The bike was rented from

This service was highly recommended for good reason, the only way to describe their operation is excellent, the bike was absolutely spotless. After a quick low-down of the workings of the terminator and lowering the bike so I can just about flat-foot it, I was on my way.

I made my way to Biesie’s house in the Paarl via Durbanville, where I joined the Highway at some point before Kraaifontein.

I am feeling quite intimidated by the terminator. It’s a big bike, and with the twist of a wrist, it’s mach three.

It’s as if my name changed to John Connor when I swung my leg over this beast. The terminator is exactly as deadly as they made it out in the movies in my mind.

Made it safely to Biesies house. From here the plan is to cruise to Montague for our first night’s accommodation at Biesie’s parents..

We are joined by Yellowfever (or Silversurfer or whatever his Forum handle defaulted to)

After packing, repacking being worried about packing, We hit the road, skip the tunnel and take old Du Toit’s Kloof. I am equally enthralled by the twisties in the road and the amount of water that came down on these mountains. It is clearly evident in the washed away sections on the side of the mountains. Nature is pretty amazing.

John Connor.jpg

Temps are cool, I uncharacteristically checked the weather prior to the trip, and luckily packed accordingly.
We take a small break along the road, Terminator glaring at me from the front. I take no care in framing the photo, with the resulting randoms spoiling an otherwise below par photo


Onwards to Montagu.

On the way.jpg

There is evidence of the amount of water that recently came down in the area everywhere.

We roll into Montagu a little while after sunset. Get settled, and crack a most welcome beer.

A hearty supper of braaivleis is had.

The lamb tjops becomes a bit of a theme for the trip.

We turn in for the night as there is riding to be done tomorrow.

To be continued....