2024 Big Red Pigs in Kenya - Season 9 and Doin' Fine!

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Nov 8, 2012
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Nairobi, Kenya
Honda XR650R
Welcome to the first big ride of 2024 for the Kenyan Big Red Pigs!

We've already been on our first of what I hope shall be many rides this year, exploring new areas in the Tugan and Ilkamasya Hills West of Bogoria/Baringo. Scroll down to get a taste of that until I get the whole report up. I will put all rides we do this year in this thread so if you see it pop to the top of the forum, we've been out hooliganing.

Meantime, feel free to browse the endless supply of Pig Fodder we've accumulated in the past 8 years. I’ve kept track of all the previous rides, which, for ease of reference for my lazy ass and yours, are linked here along with a wee summary of the highlights. Click on the titles to go back in time.

2016 – Pig Arrival… First impressions and tweaks, Rift Valley exploration, Magadi, Loita hills, Amboseli… figuring out which tyre lasts (answer, none of them), White Caps and kuku choma

2017 – Pig Initiation – New converts to the way of the Pig, more Rift Valley, breaking things, getting faster, new tracks, Shompole and Nguruman, Aberdares, Chyulu Hills & Kilimanjaro, Epic trip to the far north White Caps and kuku choma

2018 – Pig Maturation – A changing Rift Valley, New tracks and new Pig riders, a sunken XRR, wildlife, a Tanzania reunion with the Dar Bikers, North to Ol Olokwe, 5 XRRs to the north for Xmas, White Caps and kuku choma

2019 – Ultimate Pig Fest – Most active year ever, tons of valley, getting properly quick now, lots of solo riding, epic ride to Ethiopian border, epic ride to Suguta Valley, epic ride to the Mountain of God in Tanzania and much more including White Caps and kuku choma

2020 – Hellfire Corona Pig – Discovering Little Lake Magadi, four BRPs escape to Eburru Forest, epic ride to both sides of L Turkana and a return to Suguta Valley, many small ones to round out the year… White Caps and kuku choma!

2021 - Pig Resistance - Suswa galore including new routes, Little L Magadi, Lobomoto to Natron, assembling and breaking in my new XRR, epic ride to the North and Lake Logipi at last, some Spanish Vespa action, more epic riding to Mathews Range, Tugan Hills and Baringo, and finishing up the year by breaking my friend Kolobus' leg... shame!... and riding with Dakar Legend Joey "Juju" Evans... and White Caps and Kuku Choma!

2022 – The Reoinkening – Amboseli early on, some rides in the valley, first camp at clandestine Suswa overlook, farewell to Holesaw, ambitious and beautiful rides in the Loita Hills and finishing up the year with a wicked return to Northern Tanzania. Looking back, not half bad though it seemed at the time like we were never on the bike!


2023 - The Rise of the Octopig - A BRP Wedding, an Amboseli run with mixed company, day rides and the introduction of SUMO Pig, crazy weather, Torosei exploring, a Zambian detour on a 150cc Gatoma, up Olegorsailie and into Hell's Gate, a half dozen trips up Mt. Longonot all topped off with a successful attack on Mt. Oldoinyo Lengai and the Mosonik Plains up from Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania... and White Caps and Mbuzi Choma (we found Muturi's this year... really good mbuzi choma!) Much like last year, it seemed like we never rode, but there's evidence here to the contrary!

Now without further ado, let’s kickstart 2024! I shall leave you with a musical teaser and a map of our approximate route for the first ride of 2024.


Above: Just roll with it. Crank the volume and have a laugh at our expense! Make sure to leave us a review!

To be continued soon...
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